December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jesus~

In the silence of the night
He comes to us, bringing
us heavenly love and
warmth within His touch

As we accept His gift and
cherished love that surrounds us
we gives thanks to Him for He
brought His Son to us on this day

Our hearts receive the purity of His
light that shines upon a new born
in the hay, the light captures our
souls bringing us understanding

Remembering Baby Jesus on this
day we give thanks to you Father for
your blessings and our gift of life as
we bow our heads to Your Son Jesus –

Merry Christmas from
Expressions Poetry Journal

Rhoda, Max and Gracie

December 12, 2010

Freedom Flight ~

Her solo flight was swift as
she climbed to the heavens height
above the shadows of the clouds
in the sunlight of her dreams

Gliding with sharp precision she
carefully pauses her movement to grasp
what is surrounding her massive wing span
savoring for just a moment the universal pleasures

This journey she must endure the elements of
a long flight ignoring the sting of the wind the
pressure that touches the tips of her power
giving her the strength to carry on

She calls to a fading light knowing
her day is to end, it is time for her weakened
body to rest for endurance is needed to continue her
sought out journey, for her choice is to capture freedom -

from a lost world of confinements

December 2, 2010

My Heart Hears Her Song...

Something touched my heart,
a new pulse I do not know -
sensations from deep within,
visions circling my head,
new challenges I must win…

Something touched my heart,
a strange feeling inside -
warmth from a familiar soul,
suddenly filling my mind,
taking me to a new goal…

Something touched my heart,
a poem within a song -
sung with emotion and grace
words penetrating deep inside
spoken from a familiar face…

my heart hears her song

Dedicated to Melissa Etheridge
(I exercise to her music - my new goal)

November 30, 2010

His Heart is That of a Fearless Lion ~

Humans hear his thunder, they hear his roar
as the paws of the King cover his territory
taking it upon him self to protect, to guard
the existence of their wilderness world

Known for his mighty majestic mane
his power as he leaps towards what
calls to him, his keen eye that searches
the prairie for what shall sustain him

For a moment his will take a pause
to regain his momentum, to renew
his strength to continue on with
the life that was given to his spirit

As he lifts his head his heart is full
knowing his domain is safe from all
that brings him harm, safe from humans,
the hunters who search for his hide –

Search they will, but he has
outsmarted them again as he moves along
the well traveled trails, as he hides in the bush
and thicket that protects himself and his cubs

his heart is that of a fearless Lion

November 21, 2010

The Santa Cruz Pier -

Misty sea water swirls against the dock pillars
as if to say ‘wake up and hear my song",
whispering movement continuing the day
longing not to sleep amongst the pier’s wall

Memories of events for those who traveled
the shores path lingering to grasp the vision,
wondering if one shall return to this wonderment
of peace and the serenity of an ocean’s love

Feeling the moist air current around one’s soul
as scents of pureness penetrates the lining of
one’s stride, walking aimlessly to and fro hearing
the click of one’s heel against time pasted on

The Boardwalk that cradles the ocean calls to me
as memories of a long ago childhood comes to light,
smelling cotton candy, the search for discarded seashells
once buried in sand castles that return to the sea –

as I gaze at the Santa Cruz Pier

November 16, 2010

November 13, 2010

Z's Human Embrace...

His eyes show humility as
he searches the surroundings,
his instinct is to hide for that
is all this creature has known

Caged for six years by an inhuman
by one who does not know his warm
beating heart, his mind nor his soul –
yes, God created him with a canine soul

Discovered by one who will love him,
bringing to him freedom of exploration,
his captive visions photographed from his
cold metal encasement - he called home

Today, he is learning slowly what life is
all about as he romps and plays discovering
the love and touch - of human embrace,
from a human that saved his canine heart -

the human named him Z

November 5, 2010


of words like songs
flow through her gifted pen.
Expressions born of life, insight,
and faith.

Thank you Rhoda for sharing
your talent!!

Karen O’Leary, Poet ND
November 2010

November 1, 2010

I Shall Adore...

Sweetness fills the air
for those who take a moment
to breathe in its fragrance

Visions of beauty grasps
those eyes who take a moment
to see the worlds wonders

Memories are embedded
in the mind who take a moment
to savor His creations, His work

Here is my moment –
that I shall adore

October 21, 2010

Etched Glass of Symbols

Magic swirls within the view of one's eye
as delicate ribbons twist and turn elegantly,
eyes that seek truth above and beyond the filters
beyond the camouflage, beyond their hidden hues

Mysteries engulf the mind as the waves send
messages fulfilling the desires of the invader,
penetrating the private hollows of the hidden
as brilliant mental images lost - rise

Mentally saturated by images of depth
showered by the invasion of a brains space,
our electric vision overtakes their moments
creating our own etched glass of symbols

May we question, what we have seen
as we intrude upon another souls mind,
hidden secrets or shallowly hidden grief?
No I say, hidden glory of life that is to be –

as an invasive mind is silenced

October 18, 2010

Within Their Soul

The morning air glides with purity
as the sun glistens over the horizon
that brightens the morning dawn,
travels a new joy to a saddened heart
as sorrow is whisked away non to linger

Dawn brings a new beginning
just as the rain washes away
all the litter of the uncaring individual,
who walks her natural created paths
she brings love to the one who loves her

Serenity gently guides one upon their way
to a freedom and peace created for them
showing a way to golden sunlight,
to a dimension of a gentle forever
etching a memory of what shall be…

within their soul

September 5, 2010

From Heaven's Door...

Rain, water that flows from Heaven’s door -
washes all surfaces clean, renewing
visual purity for the hand that created the
substances we enjoy each and every day

Rain, water that flows from Heaven’s door -
blessed rewards to thirsty creations
who long for the nourishment, needed to complete
their circle of life, complete their growth promised

Rain, water that flows from Heaven’s door -
violent at times, combined with a light force
and heard by all as the crack of the mighty thunder
startles and makes us shutter with fear of an unknown

Rain, water that flows from Heaven’s door -
gentle at times as it mists the wildflower on the hills, fills
the river to nourish the living creatures within her banks,
baths the valley to bring drink to the wildlife it house

for mankind

August 30, 2010

Angel's Hues

One is reminded as the days pass by
of blessings that descend from the sky

As multiple colors from a solitary beam
catching your eye with its glorious gleam

Taking you within its massive glow
whispers to soften your saddened woe

As love within your starlit heart
guides your life’s path from the start

Passionately, feel love for me and all
moments before you might take a fall

Into a rainbow created just for you
cradles your heart to capture angel’s hues -

in His world of love

August 22, 2010

The Whole World is Weight Conscious...

I saw this on
the website
posted by a friend -

from Africa

She has such a great
sense of humor...

Attention Seniors...

To save the economy in August 2010,
the government will start deporting all
of the old people (instead of illegal's)
in order to lower Social Security
and Medicare costs!
I started crying when
I thought of you...


What can I say?
Somebody sent this to me
and I'm not going alone!

August 21, 2010

Just for a Moment ~ Wolf Endangered

Just for a moment the wolf pauses
escaping the hunt of the hunted,
seconds of solitary comfort
a moment to recover, to breathe
a normal breath of freedom

Whisking away the movements
of nature from his brow, taking
time to clean the paws that have
traveled miles, running from man,
running, from what might
catch him – Extinction

Hearing the sounds circling his head,
tempting him to move closer in their
direction, his mind wanders back
to the seconds he has as his body
feels the coolness from the ground

A moment longer his wolf heart cries,
just for a moments peace, not caring who
or what surrounds him, not concerned
as harm inches silently to his side,
not caring just for a moment as -

he continues to survive them,
as man aims once again

August 15, 2010


Three Little Kittens Bundled Up Going to New Foster Home -

"I was becoming attached to the Kittens. Each one had a personality and soon I could tell who was doing what. I refrained from naming them - they were just No. 1, 2, & 3.

Then, Sheena4s came to the rescue - she phoned her friend Michelle, who in turn spoke to the vet and they agreed to foster them until they could be homed. Apparently they do this all the time. The vet will inspect them tomorrow.

Sadly for me (and happily for them) Michelle and Nikki arrived with a travel container and medicine and they inspected them to see if they had any obvious health problems.

This story has a happy ending, thanks to SparkFriend Sheena4s, the Angels, Nikki and Michelle and the vet, Zoe."

"Mwah! I love you girls!"

AS Expressed on TWOTIMESS Blog on

'Espressions' wants to thank TWOTIMESS for caring for these abandoned Kittens. The glow from your
Angelic Heart shines throughout the world! rg

Three Little Kittens ~ Africa

Three little
Kittens saved
by the Grace
of God as He
directed one
down the
road to their

Bubble, Mona Lisa and Squeak

"I spotted a green VW Kombi on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere and a young man carrying a small box into the veldt.

I passed the car and kept watching him in the rearview mirror. I said to Beloved, "That guy's dumping something living in the veldt." I kept on driving until I could turn back and returned to the spot where I saw the man. I got out and searched in the tall grass and then I found it - the box the guy carried!

Three tiny kittens just dumped like rubbish with no food or water and no means of surviving on their own. I grabbed the box, checked to see if none escaped and took the kittens about 2km down the road to FORA (a no-kill shelter).

The shelter could not take them as they had a nasty virus killing their cats and they asked me to hold on to them until we can make alternative arrangements."

Written by TWOTIMESS, Africa

She is now taking care of the three little kittens until she finds proper homes for the trio. God knows what He is doing when He brings His defenseless animals to His selected caregivers...rg

August 10, 2010

Mr. Max...

A Purr-fect Moment

He held his hand out
this stranger in the night
calling to me, come little lady,
come let me hold you tight

My eyes quickly shifted away
trying not to look or stare
I acted nonchalantly
so he wouldn’t be aware

Interest grew as clock hands ticked
I knew I was drawn to him
for when he gently touched me
his tongue gave me a quick lick

This moment was destined to be ours
as he cuddled and stroked me
on a cool spring night in May
he captured my heart beneath the stars

A chill crept upon my neck
for I knew I must go
he looked into my eye
as I called to him

Come Max lets go inside
as he purrs to me
with his sweet kitty sigh
never questioning me as to why -

August 7, 2010

A Miniature Kind of Love ~

Spring you came to me
a budding miniature rose bush
with a deep red hue that holds
dewdrops between her petals

Summer days you brought to me
your natural radiant beauty
that showered me with delicate buds
bringing me happiness for days

Autumn has come and to my
surprise you came one last time
a single miniature rose bud for me
to entwine with grateful joy

Winter snows shall put you to
sleep resting safely until the
following spring and then you
will peek up through the soil -

bringing me happiness from your
miniature kind of love

August 1, 2010

Just for a Moment ~

I think of you and our days gone by
ever so often with a wandering sigh,
heavy heart I carry today within
as dreams of you come now and again

Where has the time gone, where has it been
looking in the mirror, I see deeply within,
my mind is young as I remember us when
time together seems so long ago, then

My time with you is deep in my heart
memories how I loved you from the start,
thinking our time would forever hold
not being without you as I grew old

Time is my enemy, I cry please stand still
dreaming to go back to a love that was real,
reality grabs me, shakes me to my moment now
reminds me again how I singularity take my bow

It is well and good my memories hide in my mind
as I close the door to the thoughts of that time,
but, today I remember that evening of August joy
as we came together, a young girl and boy –

just for a moment...
I am thinking of you today

August 1, 1959 ~ August 1, 2010

July 31, 2010

A Pondering Thought ~

Photo ~ 1930 Sam Hood

Love, where has it been,
buried down inside, deep within

Slowly, it comes to feel again,
as faith surrounds life to begin

Trust, where has it been,
taken away it shall come within

Slowly, it comes to believe again,
as hope and love long to begin –


July 26, 2010

Our Animal Friends...

Loving an animal whether large or small
fills one heart whether short or tall

Without their love where would we be
no one to hold close or tenderly

When sad they give you a kiss or two
when happy they play bringing joy to you

Where would we be without their love
blessings to us from Him above…

our animal friends

July 22, 2010

Smitten with a Kitten ~

The watercolor of a
a small white kitten,
muted colors painted,
as if one were smitten.

Palest of colorful hues
displayed on canvas mat,
a newborn kitten preciously
delivered by its Mother cat.

Beautiful painting found
in a thrift shop alone,
please dear lady buy me,
giving me a home.

Falling in love with this
watercolor portrait so rare,
for it broke my heart as it
seemed no one did care…

about a small white kitten
who was left in despair.

Gracie’s Cradle of Love ~

Gracie - 4 Months Old

Sickness rings from your soul
as you fill with stifling staleness
lingering, pressures your breath
calling me to nurturer you as He
brings you to a home of safety

Peace comes to thee quickly
again your strength is protected,
again your will to survive as a
special feline halo casts a glow of
triumph that cast out the evil serpents

Together we shall overcome the
foggy shadows that linger within
thy breast for it was written that
you would be given all that you
deserve, for you have been chosen

And I, chosen to fulfill His desire
bringing you to a haven of wellness,
bringing you to everlasting warmth
from His loving arms to mine as
I hold you dear in your -

cradle of love

July 21, 2010

Black Ink ~

Scratching words on paper
as fast as the pen will glide,
capturing a visual on the page
everyone now can see inside -

Walls of a black ink quill
words hidden deep as one tries to hide,
gasps for air from a liquid death
deep within the other side -

Exposed now to fired sunlight
masked with purity words do flow,
as consumed fantasies now remain
hidden lifestyles in a world of woe -

Life goes this way from dusk to dawn
lone poet plays his words with rhythm and song,
subsiding vapors depart from the soul
crushes life from choking, that held to long -

as black ink kills the inspired poet

July 16, 2010

Janet and Me!

So many years ago I met you online,
and you became a special friend of mine

We chatted, we laughed and sometimes we cried,
becoming friends knowing we were special inside

The place where we met was a game site online,
a place called Pogo; we would meet nightly to unwind

Such fun we had getting to know one another too,
a wonderful friendship with others and yes - me and you

Years have passed and our friendship is strong,
through trust and love we have shared all along

Feelings about Kids and our little Grey Kitties,
about the games and farms, I laugh getting all gitty

Although I live in NY and you AL grown girl,
the miles don’t seem to matter as we give life a whirl

So my friend, I post your picture for all to see
what a beautiful blessed friendship we have –

you and me!

Dedicated to a dear friend - Janet Thompson, AL

July 15, 2010

A New Me ~

L ife is strange with its ups and downs
I nviting you to experience its whimsical crowns,
V enturing into water traps so deep
E nticing, capturing you ‘til you weep

L earning lessons from a school room book
A nswering with innocents and a childish look,
U rging your heart to take a chance
G uiding your spirit without a second glance,
H iding in a corner you leap from your stance

L istening to the wind song of your heart
O verly cautious, but it’s a grand start,
V oicing with glee your freedom anew
E njoy life with what is instilled in you –

a new me

Author's Note:

Acoustic Form of Poetry is a style when the first letter of each sentence spells a word, reading top to bottom, left side.

July 10, 2010

Inhale ~

Have you ever noticed how a feeling
can come to one through the innocents
of nature’s flight that can send you reeling?

Look homeward and see His smile
as His creations fly within a silent sound
telling us He is with us all the while

A simple message seen with our eyes
that calls to all who adore, He says,
I am watching over your silent cries…

take a moment to inhale - Me

July 8, 2010

Lord Simba from CO ~

At a moments notice
Lord Simba
is ready to play
he is royalty!
Ah heck, lets have
fun, he says...

Taking a moment to see what's outside,
Lord Simba spies a Squirrel Creature -
"Can he see me behind this window,
he is wondering, hmmmm..."


As I sit here penning this little ditty,
My desk is full of sprawling kitty!
This dear old inscrutable friend of mine;
I hope he has many more lives than nine!

He's just an ordinary striped ginger cat,
So fiesty, independent and fat.
His lack of noble lineage doesn't bother me;
I doubt that he's concerned about pedigree!

He has given me so much pleasure,
Even tho' he's mutilated some treasure!
What an elegant and enchanting pet.
I haven't found his contender yet!

He doesn't ask all that much of me,
Just some food and affection periodically.
I scratch his ears, stroke his fur smooth;
He in turn provides me with purring to soothe!

Maybe there are more exotic pets than a cat,
I will most certainly grant you that,
But when it comes to the bottom line,
No more noble creature did God design!

Written by:
Robert L. Hinshaw

July 6, 2010

Tabby Keeping Cool Under a Doggie Umbrella!

Heat Wave

I can’t get over it
Last summer was so mild
But now the Gods are making up for it
“Suffer ye sinners!” they say

Aside from the obvious - Sweat
A slight loss of appetite
Reluctance to rise
A sudden genius for not-working
excuses I notice it in my cat

“My God!” I holler to my wife.
“I think Tabby is dead.”
Tabby lay on the living room floor
stretched out full-length
“She doesn’t even move
when I call her name –

Tabby! Tabby!
My God! Tabby!”

I’m wringing my hands.
Do I dare touch her?
Do I really want to
confirm my worst fear?

But I do…

I touch her. That soft hot fur
I can’t detect any breathing
Tears are starting to well

Then -

Just a faint twitch of her tail
She rises suddenly
Walks slowly off
Quite annoyed
As though to say –

“Why the hell you have to touch me man?
Why you wanta bother me?
Don’t you know that the best thing
a long-hair kitty can do
in this heat is SLEEP!”

Submtted to 'Expressions' ~
A Dear Friend and Huge Cat Lover - David Austin, MI

July 2, 2010

Who Me???


Why would you even ask me that? I'm insulted!
Every time something goes missing around here,
everybody looks at me!!! For your information,
I don't even wear that shade. It doesn't flatter
my complexion and it tastes terrible!

I Long to Say...

I long to say what is within a word,
a word that says what I show
with loyalty, with light
always a part of His glow

I long to say what is within a book,
a book that says what I was
with faith, with spirit
always a part of His world

I long to say what is within a song,
a song that sings a story
with harps, with joy
always a part of His word –

that is a lyric waiting

July 1, 2010

Remembering Chaise ~

Our Beautiful Boy -
Thank you for your unconditional
love and devotion.
We love you
and will miss you
for as long as we live.

Carol & Paul Wolfram, UT

January 18, 2000 - June 27, 2010

My Sweet Chaise

I look in your eyes seeing love you share,
as you came to me with loving care

Your purpose was clear right from the start,
you were sent to mend my broken heart

How can I tell you how grateful I am,
did I take a moment so you could understand?

My heart cried years ago with the loss of my Son,
God brought you to me for He knew you were the one

I weep again dreaming of your face of love,
as you wait for me in His heaven above -

my sweet Chaise

In Memory with Love -
to Our UT Canine Friend

Rhoda, Max and Gracie
Long Island, NY

June 30, 2010

Music of the Sun ~

A spiral wave descends,
notes of musical rapture
dances within the wind,
creates an unclouded
moment of peace’s solitude,
a moment of given grace

Eyes that glitter and shine,
as sparkles of sunlight
touch my inner mind,
a musical fanfare,
that vigorously peaks

captures my body again,
twirling, spinning
me around with an
uplifting dance of
pure pleasure delight

Music of the Sun
enhanced my rhythm
as it contains me,
bringing a
sensation of joy
sensation of love –

from His promised world

June 27, 2010

Love Opens ~

Love opens the door to one’s heart
if one is brave enough to let it in

One doesn’t know how lonely they are as feelings were suppressed for years on end

Afraid to open their eyes so they may see
blocked the sunlight darkening deep within

Learn how to live accept love’s gift
Taking a chance on emotions again

Ascend life to higher rainbow peak
Love can cure detained sadness within

One must be ready to take a chance
to complete a cycle determined by Him –

for love is the answer He has sent

I Long to Say...

I long to say what is within a word,
a word that says what I show
with loyalty, with light
always a part of His glow

I long to say what is within a book,
a book that says what I was
with faith, with spirit
always a part of His world

I long to say what is within a song,
a song that sings a story
with harps, with joy
always a part of His word –

that is a lyric waiting

Author's Note:

Free Verse Form of Poetry written without using the letters U, M or E.
Any Form is acceptable...

June 22, 2010

Mai Ling - Seven Months Later...

Reggie (l)- Mai Ling (r)

Last November, Mai Ling was adopted by Linda Saroglou, LI, NY. Because of circumstances here at my apt. complex, it was necessary to give up my Mai Ling. For seven months, Linda and her daughter Kristi have been in touch with me as to the welfare of Mai Ling. Linda on many occasions has comfort me and my grief as I took this extremely hard, giving my pet up. Linda has a 14 year old male 'Reggie' so this is Mai Ling's new Beau, so to speak. Kristi has two cats of her own, so it is now a houseful of frisky kitty cats and a house full of love.

Linda and Kristi treated me to a great lunch yesterday at Ruby Tuesday's and through encouragement, I went for a visit to their home to see Mai Ling. Of course, I had tears, but to my amazement - Mai Ling looked at me like "Who are you?" Yes, she has forgotten me. It is sad, but it is wonderful that she has accepted her new family and feline buddies. I now can put my own 'guilt' to rest and move on with our lives, as I enjoy living with Max and Gracie.

June 18, 2010

Wildlife, A Slow Disappearance ~

There comes a time in ones life when
all around them doesn’t matter anymore,
peace is all that one really is concerned with,
as one dreams beautiful dreams of their lives.

The world today is moving so fast, spinning
on its titled axle of grief with the oil slick of
the mass ocean and the starving of the fowl,
sadly man has overstepped his bounds.

Quiet moment is a luxury today as the hustle
and bustle of metal movement surrounds the
human who walks upright above the animals
who try to survive our over produced world.

Centuries ago we join them only to destroy
their nests, to take from them the innocents
of their lives within our humanly paths,
taking from them their breath and freedoms.

Man and their selfish acts have hindered the beauty
of this planet, continually destroying the natural
habitat that was ordained to be their world, planned
for their comfort during a lifetime here on earth -

a lifetime when wildlife should not be
fearful of mans technology.

June 17, 2010

'Missy' (r) Still a Winner ~

Crystal Tears

Winter snow covers
Shelters while you are dreaming
Eyes weep crystal tears

April 1, 1996 - December 5, 2007

Second Place Winner
Seasons Senryu Poetry Contest ~ June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010

Every Moment by My Side ~

In Memory of "Beloved Aimee"
November 15, 1988 - June 16, 2004

You came to me knowing how
dearly I needed you to comfort
my heavy heart, too ease my pain,
helping me to contain my sanity.

You gave to me your strength
desperately I needed, to make sense of it all.
You seem to know as you caught my tears
yesterday and again my tears of today.

Such a special friend you were to love me
unconditionally every day of your precious life.
Without question you were by my side,
always my loving steadfast companion.

Beloved Aimee forever in my heart
memories of you shall bring me joy,
along with tears of laughter as I see visions
of you in my dreams at my days end...

Sweetly I dream Aimee, until we meet again.

Poem by Rhoda Galgiani
Written with love for Carole Wolfram, UT

June 15, 2010

He and Me

He watches over me,
I take a breath and He
Purifies my soul.

He protects me,
I stumble and fall
He catches my spirit.

He comforts me,
Wrapping a gift around
My heart and mind.

He loves me,
Telling me so with His
Every heavenly word.

He and Me,
God, my Father -


Fourth Place Honorable Mention
Poem of Faith Poetry Contest ~ June 15, 2010

June 14, 2010

A Monsoon Kind of Day - AZ

Furiously the heat lingers
as the desert sun grasps
holding your drought,
your growth ordained
to your part of the world

Desert spirits cry to be dampened
yearning for a moments relief,
as the riverbeds of your soul
rough from the carving heat,
lie still in their death

Over the rise the storm is coming,
wailing winds of magnitude strength
levels sparse renewed struggling growth,
as fury slams against the tall cactus
whipping the foreseen seasonal path as the –

raging winds of the monsoon come again

Eigth Place Honorable Mention
Monsoon Poetry Contest
PoetrySoup ~ June 16, 2010

June 12, 2010


Begin by standing on a comfortable surface, where you have plenty of room
on each side.

With a 5 lb potato bag in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides and then hold them as long as you can. Try to reach a full minute and then relax.

Each day you’ll find you can hold this position for just a bit longer. After several weeks move up to a 10 lb potato bags.

Then try 50 lb potato bag and you will eventually try to get where you can lift a 100 lb potato bag in each hand and hold your arms straight out for a full minute, (I’m at this level).

After you feel confident at this level --

put a potato in each bag!

Author Unknown -

June 8, 2010

The Wilderbeast's Quest ~

Eyes search as he travels through dark shadows of his forest
Hoofing through thicket over laden growth he searches for life’s light
Bringing truth to the Wilderbeast hidden in darkness

Fifth Place Honorable Mention Winner
Sijo Poetry Contest
June 8, 2010

Author's Note:

Sijo is the classic form of unrhymed poetry in Korea. Sijo have three long lines. Each line varies between 14 and 16 syllables, with the middle line the longest. The first line states a theme, the second line counters it, and the third line resolves the poem.

Kitty Play Time ~

My Kitties hearts I did
touch today as they romped
and played with me,
tickling, chasing them
around the room
such fun we have,
us three

Moments of joy we share together
tossing the little toys in fun and play,
they hop and jump chasing each other
bringing back the toys – meow they say

My Kitties fill my heart with lots of love
waking me up each morning with hugs and purrs,
it’s 6 am; they want me to get up, come play,
but most of all to open that can of wet food, cuz…

wee’ze hungry, Mom, they say!!!

June 7, 2010

Who says Love can't Conquer World Peace?

God's smallest creatures show no fear amongst love...

New friend of 'Expressions' sent these pictures to enjoy. Thanks Iolanda Scripca, CA

June 5, 2010

Surrounded by Love ~

This is my dear spiritual email buddy Carole Wolfram, UT. She is surrounded with love for sure, by Chaise, Danielle and Ella. We have been friends for a number of years and many time my Kitties send emails from NY to their Doggie friends in UT. Carole is a huge supporter of 'Expressions' and voted for this blog everyday when
the Blogger's contest was on. This picture fills my heart with love.
Oh, Carole is married to a great guy - Paul...He's the Daddy!

King Oscar ~ I had a Bad Day

I've been a bad boy. I got frisky and tore the wood on the patio. I couldn't help it, I was bored to pieces. Sorry, Mom! It looks like someone let the cat out of the bag to 'Expressions'. Now everyone knows! Dang!
I'm so embarrassed -

Oscar a Dachshund is 12, owned by Iolanda Scripca, CA. You may view her fabulous poetry at by doing a name search or visit her website at

A Baby is a Baby, is a Baby ~

Can you 'Not say Awwww' when looking at this picture?
I can't. Even though this isn't a Kitten or a Puppy,
I had to share this special photo with you...Pure love!

Sent to 'Expressions' from Carole Wolfram, UT