September 30, 2009

Is This a Bad Economy or What???

This picture
was sent
to me by
my good
Hutcheson, LA
who always
send me
Thank you

----------------- Cats are soooo dramatic!!! ----------------

September 27, 2009

Life Thoughts by Ducky...

When I was young we used to go
'skinny dipping',
now I just 'chunky dunk'.

Wouldn't you know it....
Brain cells come and brain cells go,
but FAT cells live forever.

I signed up for an exercise class and
was told to wear loose fitting clothing.
If I HAD any loose fitting clothing, I
wouldn't have signed up in the first place!

Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we
messed up our life we could simply
press 'Ctrl Alt Delete'
and start all over? AMEN!

Bumper sticker of the year:
'If you can read this, thank a teacher
and, since it's in English,
thank a soldier'

Sharing in part this wonderful email sent to me by my good friend
Ronald Bingham, TX had me laughing all last night.
Thank you Ron...

September 25, 2009

My McDonald's Prince ~

I saw a man today,
he was handsome and about my age.
I spoke and he spoke back to me and
I felt the yearning to carry on the
conversation, just a little bit longer.

We spoke with ease, comfortable as I
felt a familiar rush being in his presence.
“Oh, I thought, could this be?
Is he finally, being brought to me?”
I smiled with happiness deep inside.

He said, “Nice talking to you,”
as he paid for his coffee and
left as quickly as he came.
I paid for my Chicken McNuggets
and left the same...

as I came -


Unexpected Romance
{Limerick Form}

The rabbit ran straight up the hill,
he was chasing that silly Jill.
But, she was distracted
for how she reacted,
as Jack’s kisses gave her a thrill.

The Stroll
{Limerick Form}

The little Skunk got so excited
because his girlfriend smiled delighted.
They strolled through the flowers
loving for long hours,
as little Skunk became delighted.

Going Nowhere
{Limerick Form}

The silly Duck flew into the window
not seeing the shiny glass in limbo.
He cried ouch, I hurt my pouch,
flipped and landed on the couch.
Dizzy Duck cried - what a silly Bimbo!

The three foregoing poems are of Limerick form and consist of five-lines, often humorous in style. Lines 1, 2 and 5 have seven to ten syllables and rhyme with one another. Lines 3 and 4 have five to seven syllables and also rhyme with each other -
Rhymning sequence: A-A-B-B-A

September 20, 2009

Memories of Joy ~ A Narrative

I view my world around me with love in my heart
for I am blessed and guided to lead a life of joy by Him,
oh, of course all is not serene all of the time with every
moment of the waking day, but life for me comes near it

As I remember moments gone by a tear comes to the corner
of my aging eye not so much for sadness, but for joy in my
heart that I have precious memories to call upon whenever
needed in my moment of solitary delusion or bewilderment

Those choosing to let their moments become a vapor will be
empty later on when their incomplete lives will be ending,
nothing to call upon, nothing in their visual bank to view
and savor bringing peacefulness to their dying lost souls

Sad, the world is too busy to capture the goodness that
comes within thy spirit, sad one rushes to compete in the
task of living, seeking materialistic structures to please
what they feel needs to be pleased at that time…

Sad for them -

As I remember my memories of joy


September 18, 2009

Sleeping Cat Mountain...

This beautiful photo was sent to me by my email buddy
Ronald Bingham, TX. Upon research, there is no such mountain!
The picture that is making its rounds on the internet came from a website as part of a photoshop contest. Thank you Ron...

September 17, 2009

Betwixt ~

The crimson glow of the setting sun
singeing the delicate growth of new
birth, striving to reach the last
moment of their lifeline - reaching

Flying wings darting to and fro
within the fountain of steamy rays,
gain momentum speeding to a
height of radiance and vision - soaring

Earth creatures scurrying, hiding
under deaden leaves and blackened rocks
becoming their haven covering
their tired worn out carcass - shelter

Shivering moon beams streaming as to
mark points of interest, bringing ones eye
to rest upon its exact arrow’s shaft,
gently touching the baking dirt - earth

Stars aglow sparkle in a hole of depth
summoning imagination, confusing the
reasoning mind of exploration, as to what
is beyond the unknown - infinity

September 9, 2009

His Gift of Love ~

My heart is full with love of Thee
touching my soul as He comforts me

Carrying burdens upon my back
He tenderly sends strength which I lack

My grief sometimes will make me cry
I look to His heavens asking why

My woe will soon leave as burdens lift
remembering His love and His gifts

Today might be sad a tear I do shed
wiping it away hearing what He said

Through Me all is possible do not fear
blessings come to you - for loving Me so dear


Dedicated to my dear friend Carole Wolfram, UT
as I send prayers for her beloved Canine
'Chaise' who is ill. He is 9 years old. <3

September 6, 2009

Lanterne - A Form of Poetry ~

The Gift

You today
Another’s gift

Words of Poetry

Love, Peace, Joy, Tears

Spring Cloudburst

Earth swallows
Mother Nature's

The three forgoing poems are of the
Lanterne Form: Lines 1 - 4 - 1, 2, 3 and 4 syllables
Line 5 - 1 word, 1 syllable to relate to first line word