January 30, 2010

January 28, 2010

Sharing Love...

My heart is full of love for all that
is around me,
My heart is full of love for all that
continually astounds me

For I take you every day
the love that comes my way,
not thinking tomorrow may
never again come to the heart that
seems so full

My heart is full of love
for those I tell not today;
for those I see not away
for those I take nor the time,
whispering a loving simple rhyme

For I take you every day
for granted that you shall stay,
within my heart
as from the start –

a love that is forever
shared with you

January 26, 2010

A Feral Kitty All Grown Up ~

This is
Gracie today
at 19 months
all grown
up and a beauty!
She is a
who became
but still
has a wild

Gee, can you tell how much this Mother Cat loves her little baby with Asthma??? She takes her liquid Med every two days and she is fine. I want to take some new pictures, but she keeps closing her eyes with the flash!

January 23, 2010

Gracie - Instant Love, Look at Those Eyes!

Awakened Heart

One alone doesn’t have the comfort
of protective arms or gentle words
consoling the sleeping heart with
conversation and companionship

Arriving home to a dwelling that
was empty from laughter and warmth
from another being is lonely, leaving one
to find comfort and joy within their own self

The thought of you came to mind as again
I went through another day lonely,
longing to feel an awakened heart,
to feel, affection from another’s heartbeat

I went for you, to capture your devotion
because I knew you were waiting for me within
the confines of your dwelling, a place you wished
to leave, a home you were longing for, also

Our eyes met and I knew in an instant I was to
choose you for it was meant to be, a joining of two
for it was destined, a partnership of warmth
between a human and the devoted feline

You captured my heart with a purring thank you,
with cuddling, sharing our new found togetherness
fulfilled with happiness, for you were chosen to share
my life as we dream together, I adore you because…

you are here, my feline friend

Gracie, 4 weeks old came home and filled
my heart with warmth and love ~ July 2008

January 20, 2010

A Garden for a NY Kitty...

Friends are like beautiful flowers,
some will grown into a glorious bloom
sharing their intoxicating fragrance
with us

Others, will slowly die wasting all the
precious glory they had grown to process,
fortunate are we to have so many delicate
fragrances surrounding our lives for -

without them just think how colorless
and stale our lives would be

A Poet's Life???

Author's Note:

Sent to me by a fellow poet Catie Linsday, WA. You may view her heartfelt poetry at poetrysoup.com. Search poet's name.

January 15, 2010

Solitude's Inner Peace

Solitude brings to one an inner peace,
savored and nourished for without
this sensation embedded deep within,
a rush of volcanic eruption would ascend

One has been granted this worthy seclusion,
for without this inner knowledge that was
born within the spirit's canvas of the body,
one would not arrive to their spiritual space

The secret comes from deep within,
crying to come out spreading this seed
amongst the world of despair and confusion,
sharing the truth that is buried within us all

Solitude for many may be a learning tool,
teaching those of discontent an inner peace,
giving moments to learn the real meaning of
who is wrapped in the blessing of one’s self…

thus, finding truth within a stationary being


There are tears and then there are tears,
tears of sadness and tears of joy,
tears of anger and tears of happiness
Which shall my tears be of?

There is laughter and then there is laughter,
laughter of hysteria and laughter of delight,
laughter of disappointment and laughter of surprise
Which shall my laughter be of?

There is heartache and then there is heartache,
heartache from death and heartache from separation,
heartache from pain and heartache from sorrow
Which shall my heartache be of?

There is inner peace and then there is inner peace,
peace within thy soul and peace within thy satisfied mind,
peace through out the world and peace thought out the home
Which shall my peace be of?

emotions during a quiet moment, alone

January 7, 2010

Kitty Love from OH...

How cute
this email
to me from
a sweet
Carol Brown
from OH!
me, as
heart is
this big
and more!!!
Thank you

Editor's Note:

You may view Carol Brown's impressive poetry at
poetrysoup.com. Search poet by name.

January 4, 2010

The Journey ~

Reaching out with His hand,
He touches all who are
willing to touch Him

Follow the voice of God as
He says, for He has spoken,
heed the final warnings

Come to Him to receive
the everlasting blessing,
for eternal peace

Do not doubt the spiritual
words spoken by the Lord,
for He is your truth

Come to Him with love
and joy in your heart,
as He comforts you -

during your journey home