February 28, 2012

Featuring ~ John W. Henson, Poet/Artist

The beautiful girl
Ojibwa Child
Luna pearl
The wild
The wild
Luna pearl
Ojibwa Child
The beautiful girl

The wild wolfen howl
The moon is bright
A low growl
In sight
In sight
A low growl
The moon is bright
The wild wolfen howl

John W. Henson, Poet/Artist

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Poetry Form: Egg Timer Style by Erich J. Goller, Poet
5 lines 5/4/3/2/1 Syllable - Reverse These Lines Completely
Any Subject--Centered Rhyming Optional

Author's Note:

John W. Henson is not only a Poet he is a brilliant Artist. He is a qualified Graphic Designer specializing in Illustration (BA Hons.) John has a BTEC National Diploma in Photography, along with Communications, Advertising and Marketing Certificate Grade 1 (CAM1). He takes pride in teaching Airbrush Illustration at the University level and in Illustration, Design and as a Sculptor he has worked for many prestige clients including Sylvester Stallone. All the artwork and writing is his own done either by hand, digitally generated or from his own photography. Thanking John again for allowing the posting of his beautiful work on ‘Expressions’ - you can tell, this Poet is impressed with Mr. Henson's work and dedication to the arts...rg

February 25, 2012

Dear Lord ~

Dear Lord

You came to me today like yesterday
guiding me along showing me the way
You take my hand as we stroll down life’s path
as one, I fear not the world’s savage wrath
Alone was I until You came to me
my heart is full for thee I now do see
I am blessed for this I know in my heart
wondering how I survived from the start
My love for You grows stronger day by day
and to this, I lovingly want to say…


Dear Lord

Strength, your glory has given to my heart
guides me down a path I trust from the start
Lost was I till you came into my view
adrift until I meet the loving You
Not knowing which way in my life to go
I saw a glow, glorious you did show
Taking my hand in life forgiving sins
being blessed, I now spiritually win
As I follow Your word waiting for You
happiness in my heart seeing us two


"Prayer Style" created today 01/02/2012
10 lines x 10 syllables x 5 different rhyming couplets only one stanza
that must begin with "Dear Lord"... and finish "Amen"

Pat Farnsworth-Simpson, Creator/Poet

February 24, 2012


When dieting this is the advice I get from...
Max and Gracie
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February 21, 2012

An Apple a Day...

Vet says -
Apple a
day will
keep those
blues away...'

Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Vernette Hutcheson, LA

February 11, 2012

We'ze Happy, How About U?

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Lost Valentine ~

Valentine pure ruby red
stir memories of a lost love gone
that promised to be forever from our
moment of sunset to our then sleepy dawn -

Through time, hearts lost its love
with dreams dying in vain
moving to another life that knows
no special love shall remain -
Valentine ruby red glow
gone with an icy cold wind
as time erased the meaning of
love that was taken from within -

Cherishing thoughts for a moment
one sits alone and dreams for awhile
memories of lost love thoughts bring
tears with a saddened, but bright smile -

that hides a lost Valentine

February 8, 2012

If I can’t see, how can I witness the beauty that surrounds me?
If I can’t hear, how can I be entertained by the sounds of nature?
If I can’t speak, how can my voice of silence say thank you?

For the blessings I receive everyday - from Him

February 7, 2012



YOU touch my heart with love and joy
play with me and your favorite toy

YOU fit your name with style and grace
carry yourself as if you wore lace

YOU hug me at the morning’s dawn
touch my face to see me yawn

YOU bring me happiness every day
purring to me as if to say

Thank you for giving me a home
Because of you - I never shall roam –

From your love

Author's Note:

Gracie born July 2008 - I found her and took her in
She is the love of my life...

Memories of a Sycamore...

The moon of the night
caress the barren limbs
of the sycamore which
longs for her re-growth

Gentle breezes whisper
through her aged branches
that contain secrets of the young
from long ago yesterday

Lovers swayed beneath her
sprawling branches sharing their
secrets as protection from the
sycamore safely surrounded them

Sheltered from the world of
uncertainty, couples remain safe
from harm as the old sycamore
again contains a new memory of -

lovers and their youthful dreams