May 29, 2017

Our Moments in Time...

Long ago, there stood a moment in time
that we shall all remember knowing
moments shall come around again

Moments of laughter, of joyous times
with one another as the children played
we all came together - as one

Younger days, we grew and longed
for a fulfilled life that was laid out
before us - our destiny - our fate

Memories of friends who shared thoughts
of new homes around us, planting of seeds
that grew and nurtured our growing families

Many know deep in our hearts, we
shall come around again as we passed
through our own moments of time -

we remember those along the way

Happy Memorial Day 
Rhoda and Gracie Galgiani

May 25, 2017

Without a Second Thought

Time is an ever-flowing adventure
for it moves forward
without a second thought

As the earth revolves
the sun rises and sets according
to the time clock of the universe

When we awake in the morning
we know the sun will rise
for we have always known

Just as we know the rain
wind and clouds will be there
on a timely basis

Time may move slowly
or swish swiftly by depending
on who we are or where we may be

Sometimes it creeps ever so slowly
we wish it would speed up
to get us through our hour of woe

Suddenly it speeds by and we wish
it would slow down to give us more
time to savior moments of serenity

Learning long ago time stands
not a moment still I will use time
wisely for time shan’t wait for me

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 20, 2017

Thank You Cedric!

Thank You
Dedicated to:
My Maintenance Man Cedric

I think of you with joy in my heart
a man who always carries a smile
our friendship flourished from the start
my trust in you stays all the while

If in need you come with a call
helping me to take care of myself
kind soul you most certainly are
a heart carried on a loyal shelf

So, I thank you my friend here today
knowing you are the best guy ever
for when I call you will come my way
I trust in you to help me whenever...

Thank you Cedric!

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 18, 2017

God Cleans House...Haiku

god’s tears covers earth
washing the world clean today
last week not enough

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 11, 2017

Not All Are Aimless...

Blessings come to those with an open heart
one with faith and love towards all others
many are blessed and don’t even realize
truth til a tragedy occurs in them

Grateful should we be from dawn til the dusk
but, many don’t take time to realize
good around them or the blessing that comes
the world move too fast for the aimless mind

Most of life is now taken for granted
some think blessings are deserved just because
we have earned it; ah, I don’t its think so
they come because He sees goodwill in us

Grateful for blessings - I wish for others
to take a moment to expand their faith
to see the light beyond the dark tunnel
not all are we give Him thanks

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 7, 2017

With Love

Moments come with a thrill in the heart
unexpectedly a movement from afar arrives,
quickly turning towards the glow, we shiver
for our moment in time has arrived with love

Joy fulfills us with warmth of completion
visions overtake us giving new perspectives,
the world seems to turn around to a good place
as our lost empty spot is consumes with love

How has my heart wandered so long alone
from day to day with unfulfilled feelings,
all seemed Ok and normal to you and me
then it came and hit us squarely with love

One says where did this love come from
how did it arrive so quickly on this day,
the mystery has been all around us to
prepare us for a touch felt with love...

from His glorious heaven

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 5, 2017



Fear of an unknown place
crowds visions of the mind
Confusion rushes through channels
continues its twist to nowhere
Calm restores the bewilderment
a promise of peace to one’s soul ...

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 4, 2017


One with a sense of humor
will laugh throughout the day
taking with them joy and love
the way it should be, they say

Laugh with me for it is right
as the silly in us brings a special glow
laughing together, we spread bright light
shared smiles, the world will now know

- Rhoda Galgiani 

May 1, 2017

My Words - from a Fortune Cookie!

I Get's Rattled, but I Do's Make It!!!

It is now and in this world
that we must live -
through the convictions of
one's own mind and the
courage and strength one
conceives we shall survive

The world’s daily dark
shadow hinders on life
but, through continued
endurance the human body
becomes able to strengthen
warding off the evil spirits

In the end all shall come together
with love in our hearts and
joy in our souls for He is
going to show us the way
with passion and completeness
as it should be - from the beginning...

- Rhoda Galgiani 
Author’s Note:
The first two lines are from my Fortune Cookie - rest of the words from my heart...rg

April 28, 2017

Chocolate Fantasy

Chocolate morsels melting
Creamy delicate
Difficult eating a bit
Melts quickly in mouth
Making room for more
Resist not -

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 25, 2017

A Breeze

A stir passes in a breeze
touches whom it shall please
Bringing calm to one's heart
whispers songs like a lark
Flows slowly on its way
the breeze lyrics do say -

I love you...

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 21, 2017

Your Shadow's Shadow

The evidence of a
 higher power is
all around us,
as He showers His
cherished children
with glorious visuals,
glowing with a thousand
 hues coming from a
rainbow after a storm.

May His tears of joy
that He sheds peering
over the vast masterpiece
of this wondrous world
He created for us all, gently
wash away every earthly,
distasteful, disorder that
has come to be within
your living soul.

As we take into our spiritual
being the cleansing breaths of
purity He so lovingly gives,
realizing and consuming
in thought that there is truth
and salvation that surrounds
the body as a halo when we open
our hearts to receive Him knowing…

 You are never alone as He is
always within your shadow’s shadow.

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 20, 2017

I Moved My Lips...

Now that I have got some pet peeves off my chest
I better start posting something enjoyable...
Thank you for reading my posts and maybe
you will consider passing a few
‘Thank You’s and ‘Your Welcome’s’
along to family and friends - maybe
the jester will renew some good
will toward others...

I Moved My Lips...

Now that I have spoken
the words seem to run true -
Let’s all come together
speak some words sweet from you -
Words from a special heart
speak sentiments of love
Comes simple from the start
you’ll be blessed from above...

World War II Baby
- Rhoda Galgiani

April 17, 2017

Manners! Where Have You Gone???

I don’t know, I guess I am on a roll for whining!
My friend and I were walking to the parking lot
when we saw a painter coming towards us -
we moved over onto the grass and he passed us.
When he passed by I then said “Your Welcome”
and he turned and said, “Aaaaa, Ohhhhh” and
continued his walk to one of the apartments.

Well, this seems to be America today as I see it.
I have noticed there is no communication between
people let alone a mannerly jester between anyone.
How hard is it to say “Thank You” to a stranger?
How hard is it to say “Your Welcome” if indeed
someone does take the time to voice a mannerly
comment to you? I don’t know, I guess it’s difficult.

I truly believe we all must teach each other manners
again in our new world. Oh, I know the words are in there,
just hard to form our lips in a mannerly way, it seems! I
do believe it all starts at home - re-learning to each other
as we realize this country is deteriorating in many ways.
And, this saddens me for sure as I just don’t get it. I do
believe in voicing a sincere ‘Thank You’ if at all possible.

I have made it a point to say “Thank you” to the cashier
at the grocery store and also mentioning the great service I
have received. If there is no response I then say “Your Welcome”
 and the clerk whose mind is somewhere else comes alive. Sure
 enough they will say “Oh, sorry” or something to that effect and
 we both smile at our conversation - I then walk away happy!

Living in a Senior Community I find many old people
have lost their manners. All they want is to be served
and catered to. Well, I am not walking down that road! I
also believe very strongly that if one can ‘hold their hand out
to accept something from another, then they surly could move
their lips to say Thank You'. Now really, how hard is that?
 World War II Baby says - not that hard at all! Try it!!!

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 14, 2017

A World War II Baby Speaks!

Communication today is far from yesterday
where has the talk gone - oh, I know
into a little speaker with a listener
on the other side of the conversation

In some cases this instrument is so
important for emergencies and such
but, for everyday talk I don’t think so -
people don’t see each other anymore

As time goes on I just can’t get
with the program and use my cell
phone only going to my parking lot
that is - in case I stumble and fall

I don’t know - I guess I just liked
America from long ago when life
was just a bit simpler, pure and
honest being a delight to grow up in

I have to admit for me it is
very difficult at times being
A World War II Baby...

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 11, 2017

A Glorious Win!

Touch of His hand upon the brow
brings comfort to a empty soul
As confusion now swiftly fades
positive thinking is the goal

Life may lead one lost and alone
but, faith within does speak out loud
Rids discontent from events lost
brings one out from under a cloud

Solitude can answers one's woes
with quiet steps of a gentle walk
The mind is cleared from disarray
light shines brightly one hears His talk

Touch of His hand upon the brow
brings peace and guidance once again
Love in the heart felt all around
tells one it’s a glorious win!

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 8, 2017


Have you ever noticed how a feeling
can come to one through the innocents of
nature’s flight that can send you reeling?

Look homeward and see His smile
as His creations fly within a silent sound
telling us He is with us all the while

A simple message seen with our eyes
that calls to all who adore, He says,
I am watching over your silent cries…

take a moment to inhale - Me

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 4, 2017

New Dawn of Reality

A thousand mile journey completes
the destiny of thy awaited fate.
Scars upon the burning soles of thy feet
reminds the traveler of the harsh toils past.

No more shall there be such a journey,
for the toll has been paid and the
goodness of the future is at hand.
Peace shall come to thy longing spirit.

The beginning of a new and uplifting
day has arisen for thy who has
waited so patiently, for it to come.
Lessons harshly learned are forgiven.

Silent no more, thy shouts with joy
at the coming of the new dawn of reality.
Happiness to start afresh is waiting thee.
Penetrating wounds have been put aside,
for thy wounds have silently healed.

Glory to thee who shall live again,
who had the strength to set forth
on the path to a new beginning,
for this wondrous world awaits you.
Your beginning has just begun to live.

- Rhoda Galgiani

April 3, 2017

Love Opens

Love opens the door to one’s heart
if one is brave enough to let it in

One doesn’t know how lonely they are
as feelings were suppressed for years on end

Afraid to open their eyes so they may see
blocked the sunlight darkening deep within

Learn how to live accept love’s gift
Taking a chance on emotions again

Ascend life to higher rainbow peak
Love can cure detained sadness within

One must be ready to take a chance
to complete a cycle determined by Him –

for love is the answer He has sent

- Rhoda Galgiani

March 30, 2017

A Weak Moment...

Lingering this morning I think of yesterday
chores completed from last week I’d say
Time gets away from one who has no pace
minutes run into hours for me such a waste

Being a senior with time on my plate
where is life is going and through what gate
Each day seems to be the same oh same
hours passing swiftly for me oh what a shame

My life was all planned with children and such
gave up my life for them and home was my touch
Now I look back no one seems to notice or care
my life is certainly not taking me anywhere

But, that is ok for I am happy within myself
going at my own pace with friends on my shelf
Without them how dreary I would certainly be
here at the Senior Complex where I live you see!

Please don’t get me wrong for complaining today
It’s just the mood I’m in and today it’s my way
My Gracie is here on her ‘blankie’ asleep
she takes care of me if and when I do weep

Thanks for reading and being there for me
without my word on paper, oh where would I be???

- Rhoda Galgiani