June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, John ~ A Memento

As we grow old remembering yesterday visions of once was comes to mind, how time in our lives has flown without thinking of slowing down, how did one know precious time moved that fast?

As we look into our mirror discovering who and what we really are, we smile as we see a job well done, for it took a lifetime becoming what we finally became - us, you molding the image of perfection

As we remember those of whom we have touched, happiness comes to mind for without them in our lives how dull the memories would seem, how empty the past would be alone with ones thoughts

As we celebrate the event of your birth knowing the world is a better place today, as joy is shared amongst family and friends as they bring their heartfelt birthday wishes to the one who made our lives...

a bit brighter with love

* Author's Note:

Dedicated to John W. Orokos the father of my children, the one
who taught me the most about the beginnings of life -

© Rhoda Galgiani ~ July 6, 2009

June 26, 2009

Ended in the Rain

As her eyes gazed skyward,
the bright sunlight caught her
unexpectedly, causing her to turn
away with a sudden twist of her head.

Turning back again peering deep into the structure
of the clouds drifting by, she let the innocents of her
mind wander, gathering information, filling up a dreamy
pretend game with her childish vivid curiosity.

Carefully strolling by the fountain’s edge she
again for the third time gazed at the clouded sky,
spanning the vast white structures that float within
her view bringing her visions of wonderment and joy.

She heard a whisper, softly blending within the wind.
Slowly she turns expecting to see a knight on his gallant
steed riding towards her as she waits at the fountain,
to her eyes there appears no knight, no whisper for…

her dreamy pretend game suddenly ended in the rain.

A Soaring Ego

Did you fall into an abundance of an uplifting spirit
a golden hue that made you feel glorified
a promise of wholeness
Did you know what you needed -
As you tried to gain a new reality
upon a cloud you knew would
always glow after the thunderstorm

How much can one consume as they try to release
what is pent-up within wanting to race to the sky
taking so long yes, a lifetime
Then go -
Climb the corridor bleeding from the blueness of your wound
as you widen your dormant angelic wings
fulfilling them with clouded conceit

Seeing the wind of change
seeing the expansion of the hidden breath
I have exhaled to gain in the height
Of my freedom -
a soaring robin's feeling of flight
hindering him from longing to live
thriving on life before its death

Mystery finds me still
lingering above the earth of shallow
a valley of vanity soon covered by a winter’s white
Come with me - you delicate rose
as your fragrance consumes me with delight
brightly you bloom as you fly with me
from your meadow of egotism –

A Simple Goodbye

Sweet goodbye
flowing from my lips
moving down to the fingertips
as I touch thee no more

Tender moments
of compassionate words
sweetness to the ear I have heard
moments we cared, moments we shared

Bonding friendships
capturing thy soul
sharing hearts lovingly whole
Drift softly away for today

Searching afar
for contentment of light
reaching for stars before it is night
I leave thee with a simple…


June 23, 2009

The Rose of Swords

a rose carries swords
shields born from within thy stem
protecting fragrance

The Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that consists of three lines. The first line 5 syllables, second line 7 syllables and the third line
5 syllables expressing poetry about nature.

Honorable Mention: The Bloom Poetry Contest
August 17, 2009 PoetrySoup.com

Minature Roses ~

Minature Roses from my small garden in front of my apartment.
I started growning Roses 3 years ago, giving myself a Rose each and every day during the summer!

Lenox Christmas Present to Me ~

Because one is single doesn't mean they must go without gifts. I have given myself a Birthday and Christmas gifts for the past eight years. Why? Just because I love me!

June 21, 2009

One Weeps, Alone

Sheer satin covers
the lines and crevices
that has been created from
self love and overwhelming
demands to be the center,
accepting the applause of
the on looker who encourages
your every waking movement

At the end, nothing is like the
beginning, nothing like the false
words bringing one to the top
only to let the weight of their
body crumbles to the pits below to
wallow in their pitiful self destruction,
their words calling out now loudly –
'save thy dying withering spirit'

Intentions were of a solid ground
until that moment in time when
one became consumed with
immortality and the longing
to be held in the highest esteem
lingering within those minds
so that one may savor the taste of
oneself and glorify its own glory

Falsely bestowing thy self to
hundreds with slanted eyes with
greedy intentions to be on top
left the good will unwilling to
accept the challenges furthermore
as the burden became a load of
foolishness demanding a constant
uplifting ritual to remain as –

one weeps alone from exhaustion

Wings of Silence

My hearts cry for a companion lost
as one waits for life to return to
the lifeless body of fallen grace

Tears flow as innocence's has died
her feathers of silk shrinking to a
non-existence colorless world

Her lost of life saddens my heart
and soul, but I am uplifted knowing
God’s hand touches his creatures…

during their moment of death

*Author's Note:

A friend sent me an email with pictures of a Swallow who stood by his fallen mate. She died and he stayed by her, calling for her to rise. This poetry was prompted by that sad email.

June 13, 2009

The Mother Cat Says...

Yes, I brag about my Feline Family, as I go on and on about them. They add a spark to my expression and what a joy it is to have them in my life. Being retired and in my golden years, it wouldn't be the same without them.
I am truly blessed!

I am The Foster Mom ~

Mai Ling came in 2007 as a stray a few months before 'Missy' died. It was an omen as to what shall be.
She helped ease my pain.

and, I am The Foster Dad ~

Max is a Maine Coon Cat. He and his sister
'Missy' were adopted by me in 1996 while living in NH when they were 3 mos. old.

and, I am The Baby ~

Gracie, born June 2008 has been saved by the Grace of God. Her name is very fitting, isn't it?

Da Birds, Da Birds...

I Love Pogo Games, Cuz Me's A Winn-na!

The Galgiani Girls...

Mai Ling 3 Yrs. & Gracie 5 Weeks

Max & Gracie...

No More Pictures, Pleaseeeeeee...

Gracie 11 Months...

Gracie 4 Weeks...

June 7, 2009

Proud Moments

The Longest Night

a winter’s solstice
longest night for an instant
seals eternity

First Place Winner
Winter Solstice - Haiku Poetry Contest
January 2009 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Mirror Reflections

Contemplating discredit of my view,
A true representation, unto you.

First Place Winner
The American Doublet Double Take - Poetry Contest
January 2009 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Into the Night

Train whistle blowing
Howls into the night
Shadow covers tracks
Carries a burden
Seen only to them

Crying warm tears
Final moment
Hearing night sounds
Drowns out sorrow

Speed pushing
Train moving
Heart pounding

Too late
Lost soul


First Place Winner
Dramatic Diminished Hexaverse - Poetry Contest
September 17, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com


Hot breath pierced her tenderness within
flame from his penetrating eyes
burning her soul with desire
hungrily taking her
to fire and brimstone
felt by heated
hot bodies

First Place Winner
The No-No Nonet! - Poetry Contest
November 15, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Nature's Clean Up

Wind swirling, blowing
Adjusting laying litter
Pushing trash here, there
Sweeping like a broom-gone wild
Crying for a human’s help

Second Place Winner
Short Verse - Tanka Style Poetry Contest
April 1, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Frozen in Time

Winter winds blow the ice creating sculptures
of statues textured like crystal that attached itself to
an object that nature selected for its foundation.

As the sun peers through the iced creation a
rainbow with a million hues collect in every
crevice creating a sculpture within itself.

Adorn with love from the winds of fury the
creation continues to gather adding layers
upon layers of creativity for the eyes to see.

Frozen in time the ice marks its birth,
a vision born that is beyond human description for
simple words are not enough to describe its beauty.

Nature continues to create her wonders for all to see,
allowing each to put the captured vision into their memory
vaults to marvel again at a later date in time, for ice sculptures...

are silent mysteries known only to Mother Nature.

Second Place Winner
Nature - Poetry Contest
June 12, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Season of Change

amber autumn sky
brisk chill cools the evening sun
blueprint for winter

Third Place Winner
Haiku Style - Poetry Contest
November 6, 2007 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Tongue of Deceit

Tell me no lies for I tell you truth.
Look into my eyes and acknowledge
what you do not want to hear.
Your reality is slapping you in your face,
you do not want a reality check or truth.
You want to play games and continue on
with these childish antics between two adults.

I am a woman who has needs and desires.
You shall not destroy the progress I have made
by my struggle, for you are not worthy of me.
You have revealed to me the lies on your breath,
the mistrust I have obtained towards you is true,
my truth of truths is shielding me from harm.
I turn away so your scars will not cling to my soul.

Run I shall, far from the split tongue of an evil man.
Wind whirling through my hair as a cleansing ritual
making me pure again, to love again, to be me again.
No mortal is worth the stripping of the life so treasured
by the one who breaths it, no man has the right to burn
my heart, my life, my dreams, my needs or my desires…

away with you and your tongue of deceit.

Fifth Place Winner
Any Theme for October - Poetry Contest
October 20, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com

How Many Loaves?

They said, seven loaves of bread
Multitudes sat down
Broken bread set before thee
Small fish blessed by Him
They ate and was filled
Four thousand

Fifth Place Winner
Religious Epulaeryu Style - Poetry Contest
April 1, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com

June 5, 2009

Feline Heaven ~

Left - Mai Ling 3, Center - Gracie 1, Right - Max 13
In Their Favorite Position

I am The Mother Cat ~

Baby Gracie and Rhoda
at the Computer...

The blush of the morning dawn captures my sleepy eyes waking to another day. Slowly I turn
untangling myself from the twisted sheets to see six eyes staring at this groggy face still sleepy from the night before.

My three furry kitties, who are my family now, Missy, Max and Mai Ling are looking at me adoringly to see if I am going to get up or turn over to snooze again. I turn and they walk to the other side of my still sleepy body knowing I will say, “Ok, let’s get up”.

Slowly I crawl out of bed, searching for my slippers that they have hidden from me during play time. I then wander to the kitchen making the same statement each and every morning, “Ok, let me make my coffee, first!” All three sit and patiently wait to see what I will do.

I give in again, mix their food lovingly and serve my kitties. They eat until they are full, walking away licking their chops and have a sense of peace amongst the three of them. Missy looks at Max and Mai Ling with a purr in her voice, stating, “She’s a good Mom, isn’t she, our Mother Cat!"

*Authors Note:

I have no pictures in my digital camera of Missy 12, only photographs. I will take a hard copy and put it on disk so she may be included with the group. Missy died 12/05/07 suddenly from an undetected lung tumor. She was Max's sister

June 4, 2009

Feline Foster Mom ~

Gracie came five months ago a mere babe from the neighboring woods, her mother left her to me alone and scared, for she knew I would do all that I could.

Mai Ling a two years old once a stray herself, watched closely keeping this kitten in line, doing her mother’s chores from head to toe giving lessons so kitten will grow up strong and fine.

Amazing how animals care for the young as she lets this babe feed first at the bowl, dinner is done the foster mom cleans up no telltale’s signs of food that’s her goal.

Mai Ling has never been a mom herself, but she adopted this kitten just like me, as my sweet little two year old feline became lovingly smitten...with Gracie

Photo Caption - "A Relative You Say?"

*Author's Note:

Photo published in the Harvest of the New Millemium, India ~ January 2009 © Rhoda Galgiani

A Tear of Happiness ~

When one takes a moment to touch your heart
with words written on paper expressing
what they might feel for another human
being is an honor of the highest goal.

When one takes a moment with pen and ink
expressing what they feel from deep within
their soul that has been guided by his God
is a positive, forward and upward motion.

When one takes a moment to share his love
to a stranger in his world of pain and sorrow
telling hidden secrets from long ago years passed
revealing truth as he searched for the loving Him.

When one takes a moment to show caring
in the gentlest way through his faith and
affirmation actions trusting the words
would be treasured by the reader’s eyes…

a tear of happiness is shed.

June 2, 2009

Suburban Sun ~

Light cometh -
displaying flaming fire images
a raw rural suburban sun
penetrating a chilled quivering body
slowly burning into thy waiting heart
branding deeply from its solar heat

Promising destruction -
coming swiftly to take thy beauty
as its persistent burning gases
appears as a tongue of light consumes
drying paints of a unknown artist as he
creates a canvas that intensifies emotion

Longing coolness -
dungeons of an inner core take charge
commanding sun rays to nourish the beauty
sculpturing a normal state of summer’s glow
she feels his brush painting thy face
as the artist strokes her inner beauty

Gracefully blending -
threads of woven silk combine the sun’s glow
as oils purify the mortal’s emotional nature
creating a cleansing ritual preparing renewed
arrangement for the event of blissfully heated
sensation as the artist strolls beside her…

entering into the hot August night

Mary Jane's Confusion ~

Running down the hall screaming
to the end she is crying
through the dungeon doors laughing
sashaying in festive dance
she twirls in casual trance
she is the belle of the ball

Glitter covers the dance floor
sparkles crowning her head
she sways to the rhythm
music playing cosmic waves
as she concedes to her maze
of confusion and misty haze

Traveling to the unknown
with a circus of clumsy clowns
within her shattered frail bones
she lies down on the dance floor
never to waltz - is alone
for the dawn catches her eye

in the moment she realizes -
she awakes from the illusion
dry-mouth and naked

June 1, 2009

A Loser's Game ~

I walk away to freedom
you again betrayed my trust
leaving me bittersweet and
forlorn, now I abandon you

I feel no hurt -

A path to my world flows
with giant cobblestones
waiting for my footsteps
comforting my mind and spirit

I feel no pain -

Looking back at your silhouette
sadness spills from a hollow soul
as you displayed empty shells
hiding a misplayed lover’s game…

I feel only confused -

Mind of Innocent's ~

Dream lofty dreams
and as you dream,
so shall you become;
structured from your
twilight visions contained
in a peaceful sleep.

Dream lofty dreams
capturing the essence
of genuine purity;
fulfilling thy being
a sustained soul wrapped
with loyalty from your heart.

Dream lofty dreams
with an arrogant and
elevated suspended view;
bringing thee to thy grace
placing flowers of nature upon
thy child like brow protecting…

forever the mind of innocence’s