May 30, 2016

The Vision

Eyes shine like stars
the miracle of love
is dream from afar
look no more a long
time dance begins

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 27, 2016

A Heart's Uncertainty

When is it my time?
I have read words in
saddened poetry crying,
when will I find the love
that shall come to thee
willingly, longing to unite.

When is it my time?
To be held, to be comforted
when the daily toils overcome thee,
my time to feel a burning love again,
to join together our hands not for
stability, but for a bond.

When is it my time?
To gaze into eyes that show the
love without a single word spoken,
a look of love that succumbs us two,
the sensational sensuous feeling that
comes over their entire bodies that yearn.

And, when is it my time?
Not to worry for another moment,
of events that is a heavy burden to
thy mind of one that harbors the fear of
this journey in a devastating world that
threatens the existence of thy heart…

that is apart from thou arms.

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 24, 2016

Seeds of Life

A Hampter's Wheel of Life
 Life wheel turns every second
memories of dreams where destiny roams
a small time on earth our seeds grow -
- Rhoda Galgiani

May 21, 2016

Winds of Time


Movement enthralls the
moon, stars and heavens
as the winds of time
converse daily with us all

 Calling to every living creature
giving instructions to their grace
with precision, with elegance
from their given birth in time
Flows of wind currents
capture curvatures of essence
swirling gently that creates
memories from a gentle breeze
Winds of time take one
on to greater stimulated glory
as the minutes, grow into hours
recording a lifetime of events -

as time captures us all
- Rhoda Galgiani

May 19, 2016

We'ze De X Smokers!

Ed - He'ze de bad boy!!!
Upon standing on our lawn
here at the senior complex
chatting just as we always do
the subject of smoking came up!

My neighbor Richie suggested
that I post something funny
about the subject- I said yeah,
but, that isn’t easy to do!

When I moved here I met Kathy
and I was smoking at the time
she said, I can’t be friends with you
Rhoda because you are a smoker!

I found out that she was upset with
her boyfriend Ed because of his smoking
- he would quit and then start up again
no matter how loud she yelled at him!

The complex sent out a letter that there
is no more smoking in the apts., but to
no avail the smokers are still clinging
to their butts thinking no one notices!

Well, it is what it is - my neighbor smokes
and my closet is so full of smoke and
tobacco stains that I have to spray the
closet daily to get rid of the smoke smell!

Let’s make this long story short, I am happy
I quit in 2001 - but took it up for a few months
when I moved here in 2003 - Kathy and I are
friends - me quitting (again) was a good thing!

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 17, 2016

A Gift

Time will band on morning star
hopes and dreams will linger
flames shooting by comets
lovingly - this moment a gift

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 14, 2016

Words Shared Takes Meaning

Life has a funny way of opening
her arms when you least expect it
As one walks on their daily path
they find the path has a new curve

The curve seems gentle and kind
as a social moment comes to view
It’s like a new adventure as one
explores the new connection

Friendship surface when least expected
this huge world now become small
Minds join and laughter becomes one
a comment or two becomes a memory

One who values a friend wears a warm heart
words shared between two - takes meaning
Over time, the friendship will grow making
the world a bit nicer than she already was

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 12, 2016

Change is Needed...

Woes and sorrows
has transformed you
to the person you are,
your future is whole
let it complete you - now!
- Rhoda Galgiani

May 10, 2016

Purity Inhaled

Take a breath
breathe air into the
dry lung that is alive

Consume wholeness
purity inhaled feels the
wellness coming to thrive

Look, see the beauty as
shadows dissipate the ugly rule
light shows one ways to arrive

Again, time conquers one’s woes
His hand covers thee gently
teaching one how to survive

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 8, 2016

Pretty Memories

Fading color no longer sheen
flowers strong once seen
in the garden old bloom
mirror shows grey gloom -
tears spill
- Rhoda Galgiani

May 6, 2016

Take Time


Sweetness fills the air as
vibes come along today,
Spoken love fills the heart
as those, linger to say -
I love you

Time does move swiftly by
one thinks about it not,
Busy going your way
words spoke just a thought -
I love you

Only takes a moment
express your heart of love,
Time may take you quickly
speak now words of the dove -
I love you

- Rhoda Galgiani

May 2, 2016

From Deep Within...

Long ago, wondering
what it was all about,
I found what I was
searching for,
slowly it came to me

Somehow, something
was missing,
something was
not taught,
not instilled inside

Others I found
had this quality that
I was searching for,
an inner peace coming
from deep within

Now, I speak of it often,
for I have captured it
and contain the feeling
that was lost to me,
I have found the secret

Love thy self,
for without thy love
of one, you cannot share
your love with many,
remembering -

I am first, after God

- Rhoda Galgiani