October 31, 2016

Solitude's Inner Peace

Solitude brings to one an inner peace,
savored and nourished for without
this sensation embedded deep within,
a rush of volcanic eruption would ascend

One has been granted this worthy seclusion,
for without this inner knowledge that was
born within the spirit's canvas of the body,
one would not arrive to their spiritual space

The secret comes from deep within,
crying to come out spreading this seed
amongst the world of despair and confusion,
sharing the truth that is buried within us all

Solitude for many may be a learning tool,
teaching those of discontent an inner peace,
giving moments to learn the real meaning of
who is wrapped in the blessing of one’s self -

thus, finding truth within a stationary being

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 29, 2016

A Memory's Tear

There comes a time when heart strings hum
when they remember long ago someone
who touched their life with simple strings
with lines of lace and special things

Memories of days of young and free
when life was happy deep within thee
not a care as one grew each day
learning about life in a simpler way

Time has past and lessons were learned
some are good others to be yearned
passing thoughts live in thy soul
forever remembered special to behold

Tears crest the eye, but not a moment sad
memories of joy are ever so glad
words express those wondrous years
remembered thoughts shall bring that tear -

of happiness

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 28, 2016

A Winter's Moon

Winter’s moon touches the clouded sky
never giving thought as to how and why
brings eerie filtered light to darkened trees
creates wandering paths with gentle breeze

Lines of a face seemingly tired and old
moons imprint reveal tales it can be told
years of moonlight shines down on earth
captures history that hide a tales worth

Streaming yarns of decades and their glories
the man in the moon records their stories
he will never forget who created it all
forming a structure so no one would fall

cold winter’s moon sits high in the sky
never giving thought as to how and why

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 26, 2016


When - one is faithful
love fulfills thy heart

When - one is joyful
smiles engulf thy lips

When - one is kind
happiness replaces thy pain

When - one looks towards heaven
truth cradles thy spirit for eternity

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 24, 2016

Young Love

Dreams come throughout the night
memories of young yesteryear
so long ago - tears you fight

Restless mind with turmoil’s unrest
wonders why thoughts drift to and fro
why now - do memories come and go

Happiness shared so many years gone by
young love forever with moments of calm
this is what we knew, our time a sweet song

Those scenes come again to one’s drifting dreams
aged years are consumed with memories of those
who blended hearts thinking one would never go

Knowing all was safe and sound that day
never gave a thought who might go astray -
from young love 

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 21, 2016

A Winter's Plan

Colorful leaves upon the trees
gently feel the autumn breeze
winter calls to their weakened limbs
chanting musical seasonal whims

Beauty touched by mother nature's hands
with solid gold, red and yellow bands
chill comes with a seasonal change
her return again seems not so strange

Soon the trees will turn all white
eastern seaboard feels a pure delight
winters return ends a colorful parade
mounds of snow banks now to be laid -

in a winter's plan

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 18, 2016

It is what it is...

Dedicated to: Les Castellana

Thoughts of you come to mind
tears penetrate the eye that causes
blurred memories from long ago

Does the heart still feel the pain
after dual decades of departure
the true answer at times is, yes

Love never dies, it only goes dormant
within the heart that dreams of renewal
and yearns for the happy moments return

Saddened yes, but the empty heart continues
for it has accepted its own completion
it is what it is - during this lifetime

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 15, 2016

With Him

Dreary is the start of day
one wakes to echoes that do say
come hide inside a human shell
know ones darkness fully well

Above the light is dewy dim
when a lost soul is far from Him
staggering trails left behind
looking for His peaceful sign

Clouds caress a gloomy sky
draw patterns, we stare and sigh
lifeless art floats swiftly away
will come back some other day

Faith must stay within one’s heart
believe and trust Him from the start
all faithful will find His promised love
we know He will take our sins above -

with Him

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 12, 2016

Sweet Dreams with Vision

Wipe away the far away fears
one can see clearer without riddled tears
Peace becomes one as calmness arrives
clear vision come as positive thoughts rise

Let no one rule your homespun roost
for your own decisions rise you to boost
Until one shares your bills and warm bed
don’t let anyone get into your head

Now that the word easily has been said
continue a path to the homespun bed
Seek sweet dreams with vision to behold
for decisions you make are yours to be told

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 11, 2016

Discovery Comes

When does the dusty road turn
that leads one onto their quest
Sometimes it is a gradual event
as one finally comes to rest

People seek all kinds of goals
fulfilling their life with glee
As they roam from here to there
hiding from what they do flee

Take time to search deep within
as joy comes to one who learns
Sometimes it is a crawling slow pace
but, discovery comes to one who yearns

-  Rhoda Galgiani