January 31, 2012

Breast Feeding Causes Traffic Jam!

Mama waits for no one when it comes to her babies...

Submitted to 'Expressions'
from a loyal viewer with a
great sence of humor!

Vernette Hutcheson, LA

Dieter's Nightmare...


Submitted to 'Expressions'
from a loyal supporter...

Karen O'Leary, ND

January 27, 2012

His Tears ~

Rain striking my window today
taps so gently as if to say
notice me, I’m here to play
but, God says no, no way
Pitter-patter the rain does sing
down my window doing special things
like delicate chimes steadily ring
showers, God’s glory they will bring
Sidewalks, buildings and foliage wet
at times sprayed like a flying jet
you know how dirty they can get
His tears are cleaning, you can bet...
for our new beginning tomorrow

January 26, 2012

Hear Me Roar ~

I don’t think so,
no one can take from me
like a thief in the night,
comes along and just takes
I don’t think so.

No, you don’t,
how dare you steal
what is my heart and soul,
words written from my mind
No, you don’t.

Are you kidding me?
you come into my space and
take my prized possession,
my spirit and my tears
Are you kidding me?

I speak now to you
never shall I allow you to
sneak up upon my back and
take when I am not looking,
I speak now to you...

here me roar!

The Family ~

His majestic appearance
captures our hearts with glee

Her protective attitude
casts a shadow over thee

As they lovingly nurture their cub
their roar may be heard as they roam

God please protect them from harm for
the wild kingdom is their home

January 24, 2012

Practice...A Silent Tongue

One's mind questions the
motives on those around the bend,
taking for granted conversation is
understood by one on the other end

Thinking one understands the
sensitivity of one's inner feelings,
those who are speaking realize the
listener rejects the speaker dealings -

so why bother to speak at all?

January 20, 2012

Woman with ATTITUDE...

It can't always
be about those
Kitty and Doggie
Sometimes I
have to slip
in some old

January 17, 2012

Max Says...

I don't care what anyone says,
I am almost 16 years old and I have
been there and done that several times...

My Mom says, "It is Ok Max - just do it
anyway you want!"

"If you want to meow for your food 20 times a day that is Ok too, because you are forgetting that you ate. As long as you remember where the kitty box is, I am happy"...

oxox from The Mother Cat

January 16, 2012


Winter - her hand grasps the
frozen trunks of the dormant
trees barren of their fruit
for it is the time of year
that all must be renewed

Sleep - as inner growth eternally
come alive prepares for their
spring birth along with the growth
of foliage that will protect their roots
as the upper branches become full

Dream - of a moment when
young sparrows clutter together
amongst your branches chirping
excitedly taking their first flight from
the security that you given them

Shelter - all who come to you
from the rain that showers the
meadow bringing life to all whom
dwell in your path of shadows that
filters the sun and its warmth -

for you are nature's heaven


January - cool this time of year
compared to cold years ago,
brisk as one breathes walking
to where they must go

Chills climb up the spine
intertwines with a warm soul,
shivers grasp the gentle frame
bringing discomfort is its goal

Steps now enter where lead to be
the shelter is safe from the chill,
longing for inner body warmth
let’s sip some tea so we shan’t be ill

Dream of Summer that comes one day
burns our skin thoughts of winter we say,
bring her back we happily cheer
January - we love you so dear

January 9, 2012

Is You'se Talk'in to Meeeee?

just a Kit
and Mai Ling
2 years old
Love the
on Gracie's

Fall 2009

January 4, 2012

He is Called Wolf ~

He walks a stride with attitude
he IS attitude that comes
from where he has been
and where he shall go for the
forest is all that he has known
all that he has focused on his entire life

He is called Wolf -
with character of a strong willed
species that conquers his woes
who endures tirelessly day by day
fired fury from the wilderness
that is his dwelling called home

At the turn of the bend
his searching eyes scan for any
danger that may lurk within the
tree lined shadows for he is aware
of his destiny if he stumbles and
falls at the hand of nature -

faith pushes him on

January 1, 2012