August 30, 2010

Angel's Hues

One is reminded as the days pass by
of blessings that descend from the sky

As multiple colors from a solitary beam
catching your eye with its glorious gleam

Taking you within its massive glow
whispers to soften your saddened woe

As love within your starlit heart
guides your life’s path from the start

Passionately, feel love for me and all
moments before you might take a fall

Into a rainbow created just for you
cradles your heart to capture angel’s hues -

in His world of love

August 22, 2010

The Whole World is Weight Conscious...

I saw this on
the website
posted by a friend -

from Africa

She has such a great
sense of humor...

Attention Seniors...

To save the economy in August 2010,
the government will start deporting all
of the old people (instead of illegal's)
in order to lower Social Security
and Medicare costs!
I started crying when
I thought of you...


What can I say?
Somebody sent this to me
and I'm not going alone!

August 21, 2010

Just for a Moment ~ Wolf Endangered

Just for a moment the wolf pauses
escaping the hunt of the hunted,
seconds of solitary comfort
a moment to recover, to breathe
a normal breath of freedom

Whisking away the movements
of nature from his brow, taking
time to clean the paws that have
traveled miles, running from man,
running, from what might
catch him – Extinction

Hearing the sounds circling his head,
tempting him to move closer in their
direction, his mind wanders back
to the seconds he has as his body
feels the coolness from the ground

A moment longer his wolf heart cries,
just for a moments peace, not caring who
or what surrounds him, not concerned
as harm inches silently to his side,
not caring just for a moment as -

he continues to survive them,
as man aims once again

August 15, 2010


Three Little Kittens Bundled Up Going to New Foster Home -

"I was becoming attached to the Kittens. Each one had a personality and soon I could tell who was doing what. I refrained from naming them - they were just No. 1, 2, & 3.

Then, Sheena4s came to the rescue - she phoned her friend Michelle, who in turn spoke to the vet and they agreed to foster them until they could be homed. Apparently they do this all the time. The vet will inspect them tomorrow.

Sadly for me (and happily for them) Michelle and Nikki arrived with a travel container and medicine and they inspected them to see if they had any obvious health problems.

This story has a happy ending, thanks to SparkFriend Sheena4s, the Angels, Nikki and Michelle and the vet, Zoe."

"Mwah! I love you girls!"

AS Expressed on TWOTIMESS Blog on

'Espressions' wants to thank TWOTIMESS for caring for these abandoned Kittens. The glow from your
Angelic Heart shines throughout the world! rg

Three Little Kittens ~ Africa

Three little
Kittens saved
by the Grace
of God as He
directed one
down the
road to their

Bubble, Mona Lisa and Squeak

"I spotted a green VW Kombi on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere and a young man carrying a small box into the veldt.

I passed the car and kept watching him in the rearview mirror. I said to Beloved, "That guy's dumping something living in the veldt." I kept on driving until I could turn back and returned to the spot where I saw the man. I got out and searched in the tall grass and then I found it - the box the guy carried!

Three tiny kittens just dumped like rubbish with no food or water and no means of surviving on their own. I grabbed the box, checked to see if none escaped and took the kittens about 2km down the road to FORA (a no-kill shelter).

The shelter could not take them as they had a nasty virus killing their cats and they asked me to hold on to them until we can make alternative arrangements."

Written by TWOTIMESS, Africa

She is now taking care of the three little kittens until she finds proper homes for the trio. God knows what He is doing when He brings His defenseless animals to His selected caregivers...rg

August 10, 2010

Mr. Max...

A Purr-fect Moment

He held his hand out
this stranger in the night
calling to me, come little lady,
come let me hold you tight

My eyes quickly shifted away
trying not to look or stare
I acted nonchalantly
so he wouldn’t be aware

Interest grew as clock hands ticked
I knew I was drawn to him
for when he gently touched me
his tongue gave me a quick lick

This moment was destined to be ours
as he cuddled and stroked me
on a cool spring night in May
he captured my heart beneath the stars

A chill crept upon my neck
for I knew I must go
he looked into my eye
as I called to him

Come Max lets go inside
as he purrs to me
with his sweet kitty sigh
never questioning me as to why -

August 7, 2010

A Miniature Kind of Love ~

Spring you came to me
a budding miniature rose bush
with a deep red hue that holds
dewdrops between her petals

Summer days you brought to me
your natural radiant beauty
that showered me with delicate buds
bringing me happiness for days

Autumn has come and to my
surprise you came one last time
a single miniature rose bud for me
to entwine with grateful joy

Winter snows shall put you to
sleep resting safely until the
following spring and then you
will peek up through the soil -

bringing me happiness from your
miniature kind of love

August 1, 2010

Just for a Moment ~

I think of you and our days gone by
ever so often with a wandering sigh,
heavy heart I carry today within
as dreams of you come now and again

Where has the time gone, where has it been
looking in the mirror, I see deeply within,
my mind is young as I remember us when
time together seems so long ago, then

My time with you is deep in my heart
memories how I loved you from the start,
thinking our time would forever hold
not being without you as I grew old

Time is my enemy, I cry please stand still
dreaming to go back to a love that was real,
reality grabs me, shakes me to my moment now
reminds me again how I singularity take my bow

It is well and good my memories hide in my mind
as I close the door to the thoughts of that time,
but, today I remember that evening of August joy
as we came together, a young girl and boy –

just for a moment...
I am thinking of you today

August 1, 1959 ~ August 1, 2010