December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

From our house
to yours...
wishing you all 
a Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
filled with love and joy...

Rhoda and Gracie

Happy Birthday Jesus

In the silence of the night
He comes to us, bringing
heavenly love and warmth
 within His glorious touch

As we accept His gift and
cherished love that surrounds us
we gives thanks to Him for He
brought to us His Son today

Our hearts receive His purity
light that shines upon a new born
in the hay, the light captures our
souls to bring us understanding

As we honor baby Jesus and his
birth we give thanks to you Father for
your blessings and our gift of life as
we bow our heads and give our hearts -

 to your Son Jesus

- Rhoda Galgiani

December 20, 2016

Rise Up ~ Haiku

his light is calling
drawing spirits to heaven
house cleaning earth’s sins

- Rhoda Galgiani

Author's Note:
Haiku is a Japanese Form of Poetry
consisting of 3 lines with set syllable count
1st line = 5, 2nd line = 7, 3rd line = 5
Subject is about Nature only...rg

December 16, 2016

The Heart

Emotions of the heart
are strong emotions -
of emotions

Feelings from within
are deep feelings -
of feelings

Love that comes suddenly
is suddenly happiness -
 of happiness

That I pray
will come to me from
someone I am searching for 

- Rhoda Galgiani

December 6, 2016

His Glow...

When a blessing comes
it is tremendous joy -
So grateful for the love
His glow touches my brow -
like a halo!

- Rhoda Galgiani

December 1, 2016

Forever Home of Glory

Thoughts come about with passion
that consumes the gentle being of me
Visions of yesteryear darting, dancing
within the mind that brings me glee

Maybe it is the season of rebirth
that touches me with grace and love
Or, maybe it is the realization of oneself
that now comes forever more from above

Grateful am I for this turn in my life
a turn of rebirth, a turn that makes me whole
My path with guidance, a journey of faith
that prepares me with joy and peace in my soul

Age come to me but, with a new understanding
thoughts bring me wisdom to complete my task
My tack is to join Him when He says it is my time in
His forever home of glory that does not wear a mask 

- Rhoda Galgiani

November 26, 2016

An Autumn Glow

The frost and the cold of an autumn morn
comes swiftly as the lazy sun rises in the east
bringing sunlight to the barren trees

Warmth taken by the chill of the season
one gazes through leafless naked trees of grey
remembering the days of warm summer past

Pulling a scarf tightly around the neck
one feels the brisk daytime air and hurries to
complete chores wanting to rush inside again

The autumn glow lingers bringing those together
for a brief, but friendly chat as they scurry along
preparing for a holiday treat with feast knowing -

their harvest finalized the autumn glow 

- Rhoda Galgiani

November 23, 2016

The Hollow Heart

Emptiness fills the hollow heart,
descending the love of plenty
to overflow tenderly from
the walls of the gilded spirit

Drawn away by the serpents
of unfeeling, unconcerned
windows that don’t see into
a world of love around them

Life goes on as they say just as the
willow grows her new spring leaf,
so shall love rejected continues
to nourish…me

- Rhoda Galgiani

November 22, 2016

Sunlit Dreams

A Dream Catcher at Sunset

Morning sunshine peeks through her window
brings brightness and warmth to her
sleepy body as she stirs waking from
a delightful dream of yesteryear.

With a heart filled with happiness,
from memories of past love, coiled with
excitement and adventure, she yearns to drift again
to a place where memories are treasured with delight.

She grasps the moment that reflects on a younger
image, with youthful appearance, vibrant,
outgoing, carefree existence of one who laughed
with joy which consumes every moment of her life.

Capturing the warmth of the sunlight,
spreading her arms to welcome the new day,
she peers out the window to view the wonders
before her, grateful for a chance to continue…

to breathe in her world of sunlit dreams.

- Rhoda Galgiani

November 16, 2016

In Solitude

Anger swells with the growing
rage of the day by day
unrest of the one lost

Soon the unrest will
 dissipate and becomes solemn
within one’s own peace

For it has been taught
so harshly the tools
of the living trade

I now take my tools and
choose to craft my own life…

in solitude

- Rhoda Galgiani

November 14, 2016

The Light of Truth

During a time when faith was swallowed
by the forces of a dismal withdrawal from life,
thy solitary mind could not expand or fight
a reality of what was before thy body lost

Beaten down by confusion, by a confinement
of the thought process, longing to be within
oneself, the desire to dwell among a peaceful
existence that was sadly drawn away

Striving to achieve the wellness of a spirit,
the soul continues to survive the hindering
black weight put upon the body that must
carry a burden heavy to the bewildered mind

Praying to break the chain that confines the will
of thy captured being of beings, the grace of
one shall over come the blackened hold that
entwined the arms that reach out to the world -

as the light of truth shall overcome

- Rhoda Galgiani

November 12, 2016

Memory's Book

Misty dawn’s light touches the windowsill
awakes the sleepy silent Whippoorwill
calls his heart to sing an early morn song
chants to others, he sings - come along

Take the road that leads to a peaceful walk
stroll together, we remember and talk
special events in our life come and go
nothing to change, happy with what we sow

All that crossed our life’s path was pure delight
as it was intended, life was just right
memories tucked away in the mind’s book
there for one to savor and take a look

The pages worn and torn by fingers touch
looks back fills the heart with love and such

 - Rhoda Galgiani

November 9, 2016

Another Day Has Begun

Cool spring breezes created from
swirls of water in pools below
leaves a misty cleanliness
upon one's dying spirit


Taking a deep breath to savor it all
the mind becomes gently consumed with
nature's beauty of a springtime moment
within the confines of one's own body

Overwhelmed with joy brought by the
comforts of colorful surroundings
fill the longing heart with love
that streams down from above

Thus - another day has begun

- Rhoda Galgiani

November 6, 2016

He Gave Me Wings

He said unto me - follow
For I shall lift your soul high
Your heart is full not - hollow
Fear not your lost soul shall fly

Hear my laws that lead you - home
Trust my word come close to Me
Your spirit sees lighted - dome
Glory shall be brought to thee

Flying with your angel - wings
To heaven where spirit lives
Fingers yearn to play harp - strings
A place where God loves and gives

Come! Feel His forgiving ways
See His light with golden rays!

- Rhoda Galgiani

November 4, 2016

Season of Change

amber autumn sky
brisk chill cools the evening sun
blueprint for winter

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 31, 2016

Solitude's Inner Peace

Solitude brings to one an inner peace,
savored and nourished for without
this sensation embedded deep within,
a rush of volcanic eruption would ascend

One has been granted this worthy seclusion,
for without this inner knowledge that was
born within the spirit's canvas of the body,
one would not arrive to their spiritual space

The secret comes from deep within,
crying to come out spreading this seed
amongst the world of despair and confusion,
sharing the truth that is buried within us all

Solitude for many may be a learning tool,
teaching those of discontent an inner peace,
giving moments to learn the real meaning of
who is wrapped in the blessing of one’s self -

thus, finding truth within a stationary being

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 29, 2016

A Memory's Tear

There comes a time when heart strings hum
when they remember long ago someone
who touched their life with simple strings
with lines of lace and special things

Memories of days of young and free
when life was happy deep within thee
not a care as one grew each day
learning about life in a simpler way

Time has past and lessons were learned
some are good others to be yearned
passing thoughts live in thy soul
forever remembered special to behold

Tears crest the eye, but not a moment sad
memories of joy are ever so glad
words express those wondrous years
remembered thoughts shall bring that tear -

of happiness

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 28, 2016

A Winter's Moon

Winter’s moon touches the clouded sky
never giving thought as to how and why
brings eerie filtered light to darkened trees
creates wandering paths with gentle breeze

Lines of a face seemingly tired and old
moons imprint reveal tales it can be told
years of moonlight shines down on earth
captures history that hide a tales worth

Streaming yarns of decades and their glories
the man in the moon records their stories
he will never forget who created it all
forming a structure so no one would fall

cold winter’s moon sits high in the sky
never giving thought as to how and why

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 26, 2016


When - one is faithful
love fulfills thy heart

When - one is joyful
smiles engulf thy lips

When - one is kind
happiness replaces thy pain

When - one looks towards heaven
truth cradles thy spirit for eternity

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 24, 2016

Young Love

Dreams come throughout the night
memories of young yesteryear
so long ago - tears you fight

Restless mind with turmoil’s unrest
wonders why thoughts drift to and fro
why now - do memories come and go

Happiness shared so many years gone by
young love forever with moments of calm
this is what we knew, our time a sweet song

Those scenes come again to one’s drifting dreams
aged years are consumed with memories of those
who blended hearts thinking one would never go

Knowing all was safe and sound that day
never gave a thought who might go astray -
from young love 

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 21, 2016

A Winter's Plan

Colorful leaves upon the trees
gently feel the autumn breeze
winter calls to their weakened limbs
chanting musical seasonal whims

Beauty touched by mother nature's hands
with solid gold, red and yellow bands
chill comes with a seasonal change
her return again seems not so strange

Soon the trees will turn all white
eastern seaboard feels a pure delight
winters return ends a colorful parade
mounds of snow banks now to be laid -

in a winter's plan

- Rhoda Galgiani