March 30, 2017

A Weak Moment...

Lingering this morning I think of yesterday
chores completed from last week I’d say
Time gets away from one who has no pace
minutes run into hours for me such a waste

Being a senior with time on my plate
where is life is going and through what gate
Each day seems to be the same oh same
hours passing swiftly for me oh what a shame

My life was all planned with children and such
gave up my life for them and home was my touch
Now I look back no one seems to notice or care
my life is certainly not taking me anywhere

But, that is ok for I am happy within myself
going at my own pace with friends on my shelf
Without them how dreary I would certainly be
here at the Senior Complex where I live you see!

Please don’t get me wrong for complaining today
It’s just the mood I’m in and today it’s my way
My Gracie is here on her ‘blankie’ asleep
she takes care of me if and when I do weep

Thanks for reading and being there for me
without my word on paper, oh where would I be???

- Rhoda Galgiani

March 28, 2017

A Day of Spring

Rain comes with sprinkles of solitude
covers the ground with a glorious awaking
earth yearns for the flavor of wet purity
she cried longing for the dawn of the spring

The sky is dim as the rain produces growth
flower roots from deep down yearn to climb
another season is upon us yes, spring is here
birds chirp as squirrels scramble for their food

Lingering inside the walls one peers out
a smile shines upon the lips for this day
although dark at time, knows the sun will shine
as spring does her glorious thing again this year

- Rhoda Galgiani

March 24, 2017

Serenity Light

Slowly she walks to the clearing
leaving tall rugged trees behind
her breath is in a labored state
she hurries to the wooden bridge

Escaping turmoil of decades
she turns quickly to see the path
she traveled, empty as her life
no one to follow her footsteps

Moments of freedom caress her
plan of flight for so long now real
she quickly runs across the bridge
she reaches for her waiting light

A bright new dawn now comes to her
promises of a brand new world
she claims her found visions today
her night dreams were of darkest form -

serenity light gives bright dreams

- Rhoda Galgiani

March 14, 2017

Our Destiny

Golden hues cast their
spell over the setting sun

Another day has passed
Warmth leaves the soul as the
evening breeze swirls swiftly by

Longing to dream just a bit longer
to take in the treasures of today
casually drift into the awaited peace
that shall come, peace that will soothe
the body and soul for another day

Visions of today clutter the mind
that brings pleasure to the lips
Memories have developed from
today carefully being filed along
with others of days gone by

The heart is full with the
life that is taken for granted
Dare do we question the events
of the daily routine that is before us
It is said, how dare we...

for our destiny -
has already been chosen

- Rhoda Galgiani

March 12, 2017

Through You, I Survived...

Dedicated to My Mommy Rhoda
With Love from Gracie...

How could your soul not love me?
My grace fulfills my name
for I came to your loving arms,
for warmth and care to ease my pain

How could your ears not clearly hear?
The love as my feline breath purrs
or feel the joy when you hold me
close to your love that cures

How could you not feel in your heart?
 Knowing He brought me safely to your home
a heart that completed my chosen fate,
with you my desire does not want to roam -

for through you, I survived

Love from,
Gracie Galgiani

March 7, 2017


Spring is just around the corner
she came to visit me today
sunshine and gentle breezes
whisper throughout the meadow
as if, she wanted to say

Come see the birth of spring
hear nature’s gentle song
within the birds wings
it’s a clear blue sky
see them gliding along

Garden work to do
plant with loving care
water brings the growth
blooms with delicate hues
spring glows everywhere

- Rhoda Galgiani

March 3, 2017

Effort in Strength

Movement within the mind
rearranges thoughts from
here to there - delusions
remain as they fight to over
come past experiences as
the heart struggles to survive
thus, mind and heart combined 
effort in strength, she wins.

- Rhoda Galgiani