July 31, 2010

A Pondering Thought ~

Photo ~ 1930 Sam Hood

Love, where has it been,
buried down inside, deep within

Slowly, it comes to feel again,
as faith surrounds life to begin

Trust, where has it been,
taken away it shall come within

Slowly, it comes to believe again,
as hope and love long to begin –


July 26, 2010

Our Animal Friends...

Loving an animal whether large or small
fills one heart whether short or tall

Without their love where would we be
no one to hold close or tenderly

When sad they give you a kiss or two
when happy they play bringing joy to you

Where would we be without their love
blessings to us from Him above…

our animal friends

July 22, 2010

Smitten with a Kitten ~

The watercolor of a
a small white kitten,
muted colors painted,
as if one were smitten.

Palest of colorful hues
displayed on canvas mat,
a newborn kitten preciously
delivered by its Mother cat.

Beautiful painting found
in a thrift shop alone,
please dear lady buy me,
giving me a home.

Falling in love with this
watercolor portrait so rare,
for it broke my heart as it
seemed no one did care…

about a small white kitten
who was left in despair.

Gracie’s Cradle of Love ~

Gracie - 4 Months Old

Sickness rings from your soul
as you fill with stifling staleness
lingering, pressures your breath
calling me to nurturer you as He
brings you to a home of safety

Peace comes to thee quickly
again your strength is protected,
again your will to survive as a
special feline halo casts a glow of
triumph that cast out the evil serpents

Together we shall overcome the
foggy shadows that linger within
thy breast for it was written that
you would be given all that you
deserve, for you have been chosen

And I, chosen to fulfill His desire
bringing you to a haven of wellness,
bringing you to everlasting warmth
from His loving arms to mine as
I hold you dear in your -

cradle of love

July 21, 2010

Black Ink ~

Scratching words on paper
as fast as the pen will glide,
capturing a visual on the page
everyone now can see inside -

Walls of a black ink quill
words hidden deep as one tries to hide,
gasps for air from a liquid death
deep within the other side -

Exposed now to fired sunlight
masked with purity words do flow,
as consumed fantasies now remain
hidden lifestyles in a world of woe -

Life goes this way from dusk to dawn
lone poet plays his words with rhythm and song,
subsiding vapors depart from the soul
crushes life from choking, that held to long -

as black ink kills the inspired poet

July 16, 2010

Janet and Me!

So many years ago I met you online,
and you became a special friend of mine

We chatted, we laughed and sometimes we cried,
becoming friends knowing we were special inside

The place where we met was a game site online,
a place called Pogo; we would meet nightly to unwind

Such fun we had getting to know one another too,
a wonderful friendship with others and yes - me and you

Years have passed and our friendship is strong,
through trust and love we have shared all along

Feelings about Kids and our little Grey Kitties,
about the games and farms, I laugh getting all gitty

Although I live in NY and you AL grown girl,
the miles don’t seem to matter as we give life a whirl

So my friend, I post your picture for all to see
what a beautiful blessed friendship we have –

you and me!

Dedicated to a dear friend - Janet Thompson, AL

July 15, 2010

A New Me ~

L ife is strange with its ups and downs
I nviting you to experience its whimsical crowns,
V enturing into water traps so deep
E nticing, capturing you ‘til you weep

L earning lessons from a school room book
A nswering with innocents and a childish look,
U rging your heart to take a chance
G uiding your spirit without a second glance,
H iding in a corner you leap from your stance

L istening to the wind song of your heart
O verly cautious, but it’s a grand start,
V oicing with glee your freedom anew
E njoy life with what is instilled in you –

a new me

Author's Note:

Acoustic Form of Poetry is a style when the first letter of each sentence spells a word, reading top to bottom, left side.

July 10, 2010

Inhale ~

Have you ever noticed how a feeling
can come to one through the innocents
of nature’s flight that can send you reeling?

Look homeward and see His smile
as His creations fly within a silent sound
telling us He is with us all the while

A simple message seen with our eyes
that calls to all who adore, He says,
I am watching over your silent cries…

take a moment to inhale - Me

July 8, 2010

Lord Simba from CO ~

At a moments notice
Lord Simba
is ready to play
he is royalty!
Ah heck, lets have
fun, he says...

Taking a moment to see what's outside,
Lord Simba spies a Squirrel Creature -
"Can he see me behind this window,
he is wondering, hmmmm..."


As I sit here penning this little ditty,
My desk is full of sprawling kitty!
This dear old inscrutable friend of mine;
I hope he has many more lives than nine!

He's just an ordinary striped ginger cat,
So fiesty, independent and fat.
His lack of noble lineage doesn't bother me;
I doubt that he's concerned about pedigree!

He has given me so much pleasure,
Even tho' he's mutilated some treasure!
What an elegant and enchanting pet.
I haven't found his contender yet!

He doesn't ask all that much of me,
Just some food and affection periodically.
I scratch his ears, stroke his fur smooth;
He in turn provides me with purring to soothe!

Maybe there are more exotic pets than a cat,
I will most certainly grant you that,
But when it comes to the bottom line,
No more noble creature did God design!

Written by:
Robert L. Hinshaw

July 6, 2010

Tabby Keeping Cool Under a Doggie Umbrella!

Heat Wave

I can’t get over it
Last summer was so mild
But now the Gods are making up for it
“Suffer ye sinners!” they say

Aside from the obvious - Sweat
A slight loss of appetite
Reluctance to rise
A sudden genius for not-working
excuses I notice it in my cat

“My God!” I holler to my wife.
“I think Tabby is dead.”
Tabby lay on the living room floor
stretched out full-length
“She doesn’t even move
when I call her name –

Tabby! Tabby!
My God! Tabby!”

I’m wringing my hands.
Do I dare touch her?
Do I really want to
confirm my worst fear?

But I do…

I touch her. That soft hot fur
I can’t detect any breathing
Tears are starting to well

Then -

Just a faint twitch of her tail
She rises suddenly
Walks slowly off
Quite annoyed
As though to say –

“Why the hell you have to touch me man?
Why you wanta bother me?
Don’t you know that the best thing
a long-hair kitty can do
in this heat is SLEEP!”

Submtted to 'Expressions' ~
A Dear Friend and Huge Cat Lover - David Austin, MI

July 2, 2010

Who Me???


Why would you even ask me that? I'm insulted!
Every time something goes missing around here,
everybody looks at me!!! For your information,
I don't even wear that shade. It doesn't flatter
my complexion and it tastes terrible!

I Long to Say...

I long to say what is within a word,
a word that says what I show
with loyalty, with light
always a part of His glow

I long to say what is within a book,
a book that says what I was
with faith, with spirit
always a part of His world

I long to say what is within a song,
a song that sings a story
with harps, with joy
always a part of His word –

that is a lyric waiting

July 1, 2010

Remembering Chaise ~

Our Beautiful Boy -
Thank you for your unconditional
love and devotion.
We love you
and will miss you
for as long as we live.

Carol & Paul Wolfram, UT

January 18, 2000 - June 27, 2010

My Sweet Chaise

I look in your eyes seeing love you share,
as you came to me with loving care

Your purpose was clear right from the start,
you were sent to mend my broken heart

How can I tell you how grateful I am,
did I take a moment so you could understand?

My heart cried years ago with the loss of my Son,
God brought you to me for He knew you were the one

I weep again dreaming of your face of love,
as you wait for me in His heaven above -

my sweet Chaise

In Memory with Love -
to Our UT Canine Friend

Rhoda, Max and Gracie
Long Island, NY