January 26, 2011

I Was Never Promised a Tomorrow...

Viewing the beauty of the world,
I choose not to see the dark mask
that covers His creations

Ears hearing the echoes around me,
footsteps from movement of those
who walk the home where I live

Grasping the guidance that my God
gave to me – I cherish it for today,
knowing within my soul

I was never promised -
a tomorrow

January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma ~ 15!


The birth of a child is
God’s blessing,
to those who have been
longing for you

Gloriously He created you,
the precious child,
showing us again,
His mystery of miracles

Giving you a loving heart,
He filled it with
sweetness and charm
Your delicate smile glows
and lights up the darkest night

God gave you love
and with that love,
you bring happiness and joy
to all you tenderly touch

You are the sparkle in life
that has been missing,
for so many of us
Your halo of innocence’s
surrounds the waiting world
showing us hope and direction
For you precious child,
are the future of us all

Written - March 1998

Dedicated to my Granddaughter -
Emma Louise Pace, Medford, NJ

January 22, 2011

Mother Nature Smiles ~

Snow, she comes again
with a cold wind
wrapping a chill
around whatever, whoever
stands within her path

Flakes of crystal design
covering, hiding, burying all
is her sole desire - she is a storm
created of fury that displays a
winter wonderland

Degrees over time drop as
snowflakes lay themselves down,
covering with a blanket of white
burying the existing floor
that is our earth’s foundation

Upon passing, the glorious sun
speaks to us revealing to our
weakened weathered state,
she has come and gone again
for another day –

as Mother Nature smiles

January 16, 2011

Through You, I Survived ~

Dedicated to ~ Gracie 2 Years Old

How could your soul not love me?
My grace fulfills my name
for I came to your loving arms,
for warmth and care to ease my pain

How could your ears not clearly hear?
The love as my feline breath purrs
or feel the joy when you hold me,
close to your love that cures

How could you not feel in your heart?
Knowing He brought me safely to your home
a heart that completed my chosen fate,
with you my desire does not want to roam -

through you, I survived

January 11, 2011

Within the Fury ~

Dedicated to Rep. Gabby Giffords
and the Innocent Souls who were injured, shot and
killed during their moment of Freedom of Speech in America...

Hearts cry for a sudden useless loss
asking how and why this can happen
to the innocents of the bystander
gazing in the warmth of the sun

Minds bewildered by the sudden attack
against those who are unassuming
those who not yet caught the image
within the fury of the finger that is cocked

Numerous names shall parish in the dryness of
dust as violence cast its shadow within the
crosshairs of the evil sight taking away those
who are not aware of the forthcoming dangers

Again, the sudden violence is on our tongues
as we consume the events of the hellish day that
brought death and destruction in the heated sun
of our countries neighbor of a south western origin –

Again, we question these untimely deaths as the
world continues with its insane madness

January 8, 2011

Friday -

Snowflakes like silver dollars
fall from the sky
not asking why

They glide with ease
landing where they please
just because -

God wants them to!

January 4, 2011

Noah and His Bunnies...

Noah cares
for three 6 day
old baby Bunnies
who lost their

"He will cover you with His feathers
And under His wings you will find refuge."
Psalm 91:4

Bob and Georganne Lenham
Wild Rose Rescue Ranch in Texas
Owners of 'Noah the Pigeon'

January 1, 2011

Forever a Fortnight ~

A day of well, as it surely should be
for the beginning of a new year
showers sunbeams as promised
that touches the face of a day dried tear

Thoughts of yesterday filled with ‘I should’
only to be words spoken of self yearnings,
as one thinks of tomorrow with ‘I will’
that brings to life new twists and turnings

Time sped on as one lingered in life
feeling youth shall remain forever a fortnight,
young minded dreams are created for a lifetime
to fulfill a destiny that is a soul given right

Taunted with age, lines of wisdom on a brow
brings reality half of thee is buried to stay,
dreams of goals not completed today and
time for completion has gone away –

as the looking glass reveals its
long ago display of youthful dreams

Blessings for the New Year from
Expressions Poetry Journal

Rhoda, Max and Gracie