October 20, 2014

His Glow of Light

Heaven casts a spiritual glow of light
a touch felt at the path of His glory
a mask that shows on one’s face is delight
words heard by all - a continued story

Heaven casts a spiritual glow of light
brings to all mankind sight of His true love
love that brings all new strength to their lost plight
faith grows - heaven’s light fills one from above

Heaven casts a spiritual glow of light
angel’s voices send their songs to below
lifts spiritual life to a renewed height
ridding all the pain from the souls of woe

Heaven casts a spiritual glow of light
falling rain brings blessed taste to ones lips
like a baptism to ones brow - forthright
His word forever written in the scripts

Heaven casts a spiritual glow of light
on a garden with magnitude of smell
flowers rainbow colored ever so bright
sins forgiven in heaven - saved from hell

- Rhoda Galgiani

October 11, 2014

 A Monsoon Kind of Day
Furiously the heat lingers
as the desert sun grasps
holding the drought,
plant growth ordained
to your part of the world

Desert spirits cry to be dampened
yearning for a moments relief,
as the riverbeds of one’s soul
rough from the carving heat,
lie still in their death

Over the rise the storm is coming,
wailing winds of magnitude strength
levels sparse renewed struggling growth,
as fury slams against the tall cactus
whipping the foreseen seasonal path as the…

raging winds of the monsoon come again
- Rhoda Galgiani

October 5, 2014

He Teaches You

Created instincts empowers you
renewed hope, follow your blessing
conquer your destiny, strong in faith
this lies in your heart
- Rhoda Galgiani