February 28, 2010

Dusty ~ Remembered

Master Dusty Weiler-Donovan
April 14, 2008

~ You came as a frisky pup,
you left as a dignified old man.
Climbing to the light going where you
may rest in your special place made
for weary canines such as yourself.

Dusty ~ Your loyalty and love can’t
compare to another for you were one
of a kind, gentlest of souls, happiness
and joy always surrounding your golden
halo of love for those who cared for you.

Dusty ~ We laughed at your antics,
the games you played the silliness of you.
Lovingly you cared for each of those in your
life as you desired, always to the fullest -

for you Dusty are love.

You have been gone two years now -
Cheryl and Billy miss you so much, sweet puppy
they will never forget you and your love

Two Feet of Snow...

LI has
with tons
of snow
this year,
could my
sweet friend
rubbing it
in a bit
with snow
I love

Author's Note:

'Expressions' is happy to have loyal friends, knowing they will always sent something spectacular to give us a great laugh.
Thank you Caryl Ramsdale from NV...

You may view her uplifting and spiritual website at:


February 27, 2010

His Dying Breed

A lonely howl echoes in the night,
as he cries from solitude in the
wilderness a life given to this gentle
wolf as he searches for his mate.

Back woods trails he travels,
weaving within the forest thicket
carefully as a hidden shadow so
not to be seen by the hunter.

Crackles of bush causes him to turn,
his eyes search the dense trees to
make sure he is not discovered,
that he is not the target of a gun.

As evening sun takes its bow and buries
itself behind a massive mountain peak,
the lone wolf again howls as he calls
to her to stand by his wilderness side.

He waits to no avail, again stands
in his shadow of the moonlight as
a single tear drops to the ground,
for he again is alone in the night.

Earthly sounds surround him as his
fear of the night directs him to listen for
human dangers always present to him,
urging him to move on as he seeks shelter -

to protect his dying breed.

February 26, 2010

It's Max's Turn...

I can pose
like that
just give
me a
I am
14 yrs old!

I don't see why that Gracie gets so excited about those dumb Sea Gulls anyway...what's the big deal?
All they do is eat and poo-poo!

Maybe I'll
just come
over to
Mom's chair
and take a
little snooze...
She left
me a

Home, Sweet Home on LI in NY...

Safe and Warm in Our Apartment - Me and the Kitties!

Mother Nature Comes for a Visit, Again...

Gracie waits
for those
storm birds
Sea Gulls!
A Neighbor
feeds them
daily. When
Gracie sees
the birds
flying she
pretends she
is in the

Hey, Mom! Where did those big Birds go???

cold snow
shows us again
who's the boss
we listen in prayer

February 25, 2010

Ended in the Rain

As her eyes gazed skyward,
the bright sunlight caught her
unexpectedly, causing her to turn
away with a sudden twist of her head.

Turning back again peering deep into the structure
of the clouds drifting by, she let the innocents of her
mind wander, gathering information, filling up with a
dreamy pretend game with her childish vivid curiosity.

Carefully strolling by the fountain’s edge she
again for the third time gazed at the clouded sky,
spanning the vast white structures that float within
her view bringing her visions of wonderment and joy.

She heard a whisper, softly blending within the wind.
Slowly she turns expecting to see a knight on his gallant
steed riding towards her as she waits at the fountain,
too her eyes there appears no knight, no whisper for…

her dreamy pretend game suddenly ended in the rain.

Branches of Steel

Gaining what came so low
Reaches up to an inner glow

By catching branches of steel
That sustains me gifting me real

The purest of pleasures in the sky
Gently tugs at me telling me why

I shouted, I gained wisdom I did seek
See how I grasp its smallest peak?

Ascended to a height of delicate grace
Brings contentment to this forsaken face…

solemn dreams come alive

February 23, 2010

Swing'in Guitar Kitty...

Mother Cat
Mother Cat
Where are you
Mother Cat

From my
poetry friend
Carol Brown, OH

Author's Note:

Message sent to me from a wonderful friend,
upon me leaving PoetrySoup. It was time for me to move
on to discover what else is waiting for me out there...

You may read her endearing poetry by searching
Poet Carol Brown at PoetrySoup.com

February 20, 2010

The Family Dog ~

Does this picture of the family dog remind you of your pet?
Does mine, except mine meows! Sent to Expressions from
a great guy Stan Bradford, AL

February 18, 2010

East Patchogue, NY ~

A Winter's Hood

Shall it be the harshness of wind prevails?
As a blanket reveals the weighted white
A winter’s hood to those within her wake
That shrinks the warmth this December day

Wind blown with a mighty majestic might
Sculpture crystals forms icy snow art
Clinging to structures displaying rainbows
With prisms of a thousand hues to view

Shadows from objects stands in hues way
Blocks sun rays with bits of warm heat
Rushes a season that longs for spring growth
Dreams of snowcaps that melt this year

Wintertime's stance stoutly strong and bold
Screams, white blankets shall come home again
Frozen depth, a depth of a solid mold
Prepare, the wind chill penetrates the soul

Soon the day begins to linger sunlight,
Draws precious time for a longer day
Knowing the storms won’t remain forever
Thy whole body longs for time to move on

Second Place Winner
Mission Impossible! Blank Verse Brain Tease Poetry Contest
February 17, 2010 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Blank Verse is a type of poetry, distinguished by having a regular meter, but no rhyme.

February 16, 2010

Tell me this Photo doesn't touch Your Heart ~

Friendship isn't about who you have known the longest,
it's about those who came and never left your side...

'Expressions' received this picture from a
special email buddy Caryl Ramsdale, NV

You may read her poetry at: tearsinabottlecollection.com

February 10, 2010

Winning Poetry...

A Single Pink Rose

You brought me
a Single Pink Rose
that touched my heart

You gave it so long ago,
with the promise of love
and I believed in you

Fool was I to trust so completely,
foolish too believe in your words of love
for I knew from the beginning
you were not real

I see a Single Pink Rose
and I feel no more,
for it had a thorn that
pierced deeply my trusting heart

One day a true flower
will bloom and come to me,
but no thorn will it carry
making my heart bleed and weep
with heartache and sorrow

The scent will be of overwhelming
sweetness that will cradle me,
with honesty, truth and love

A Single Pink Rose has died
you have taken its beauty and love,
never shall my eyes see its hue for,
the Single Pink Rose that was given -

shan’t be reborn

Third Place Winner
Love - It Heals & It Hurts Poetry Contest
February 10, 2010 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Patiently I Wait

Life is a strange turmoil
of ups and downs, its ins and outs
A shadow of restlessness
that comes and goes,
flowing in and out of my mind,
a feeling of uncertainty

I ponder my thoughts and
come away without an answer
because of the anticipation of my reality
I wonder where my fate will lead me,
curious what life is all about

I long to hold on to my memories
but, I know my mind cannot
return to its past
I must challenge the future

Why do I linger in this mode of stalemate
and why do I long for what I once knew
Why do I wallow in the self pity of loneliness
when life is on the horizon for me

This moment is but a stepping stone
for my destiny is sure to shine before me
All the secrets of my life shall be revealed

I believe in the truth of my mind
I patiently await my future knowing,
I shall succeed and only then -

I shall weep no more

Honorable Mention Winner
Tending the Sprouts Poetry Contest
February 10, 2010 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Forever Tomorrow

I long for what I once knew
the love of my life who was you,
coming to me in a time of sorrow
staying with me forever tomorrow.

I long for what I once had
lost love that left my tears so sad,
quickly as a special love came
it left me, but no one is to blame.

I long for what I once lost
a love I felt freely without cost,
secure with my heart complete
our love was tender and oh, so sweet -

My heart knows you shall not come home
years passed and I sit silently alone.

Third Place Winner
A Romantic Longing Poetry Contest
February 12, 2010 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Images of the Past

ghost shadows reflect
mountain peeks at a sunrise
secrets remain deep

Sixth Place Winner
Sunrise Haiku Poetry Contest
February 12, 2010 ~ PoetrySoup.com

The Haiku is a Japanese Form of Poetry consisting of three lines with
a syllable count of 5, 7, 5 per line with the subject being of nature.

February 5, 2010

Kitty Dough on the Rise ~

Hold on there!!! I think you used to much Yeast...

February 2, 2010

A New Day ~

About an hour ago
Beginning with the morning sun
Caressing the coming day
Delighting in the promise
I awoke with joy in my heart

First Place Winner
Do You Know Your ABC's Poetry Contest
February 1, 2010 ~ PoetrySoup.com

ABC - a Form of Poetry with the first four lines being the
first four letters of the Alphabet. Last line may be any letter

As Usual, Nature...

seasons turn swiftly
my longing for spring returns
nature does her thing

Fifth Place Winner
Waiting for Spring Poetry Contest
February 2, 2010 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Haiku - a Japanese Form of Poetry consisting of three lines
with 5, 7, 5 syllable count, subject being about nature

February 1, 2010

A Dedication to Sheila Fedoryk ~

The Tree of Life is Saddened on This Day...

Dear Sheila:

I loved you from the moment I met you
beyond the moment I lost you,
friendships run very deep, deeper than
the roots of life that sustain us,
deeper that the bond that contains us
a friendship for so many years,
today I cry saddened tears

My dear friend I don’t believe
you are gone, I know to a better place,
but how selfish am I now as I long for
you not to be in His grace on this day,
I long for you to remain, for you to endure
your place here on earth with me and those
who love your heart, begging you to stay

A moment has passed and you now have gone
I longed to see you for one last time, but my
moment is gone also, for your angel wings
took you too fast for me to catch up with
your flight to His heavenly home, yes, in a
split second you were with Him wrapped in
warmth, free from pain where you belong…

in a heavenly state of peace

Editors Note:

Today, I received news my dear friend
since 1976 has passed on ~ January 31, 2010