May 18, 2014

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May 12, 2014


Around the World
A morning dawn -
the essences of a summer’s glow,
brews just over the horizon, low
Amazing rays of beauty -
as sun lite streams filters sun’s light,
brings life to all that see her bright
Nature’s newborn seedlings -
reach for the warmth brings them strength,
as they grow taller in their worldly length
Awake from a peaceful sleep -
come alive by sprinkles of morning dew,
creatures wake with displays of brilliant hue
Strolling through the majestic garden -
breath fragrant from summer flowers,
from every color of a rainbow’s shower
Summer time brings creative growth -
to beautiful gardens all around the world,
for every precious little boy and girl
 - Rhoda Galgiani
This Rhyme Form of Poetry is a pattern of rhyming lines in a poem or in lyrics for music
It is usually referred to by using letters to indicate which lines rhyme - For example - abb indicates a three-line stanza in which the second and third lines rhyme...rg

May 10, 2014


Happy Mother's Day from 'Expressions'
Hugs from Rhoda ~ Kitty Purrs from Gracie

Fill One’s Heart

Joy - fill one’s heart with ease
brings smiles it’s sure to please
frowns fade and quickly leave
now the heart shall not grieve

Love - fill one’s heart come eve
happiness scents the breeze
bringing one to believe
mates shall now interweave

Peace - fill one’s heart to retrieve
lost time wants a reprieve
growing strong blend and weave
love joins, as they achieve

Dream - fill one’s heart to receive
life’s joy as they conceive
vowing not to deceive
or ever disbelieve

- Rhoda Galgiani 

Monorhyme Poetry Form - is a poem in which all lines have the same end rhyme - There is no set meter specified or other requirements - Any subject...rg 

May 2, 2014

Free Verse...

Photo Unknown Person and Source
A Brother Lost

Thoughts come to mind
not everyday, but enough
that my thoughts of the past
of a brother gone from me,
a brother who chose to be lost
living in his own private world

This is his right and choice, but
pain from within my soul remains,
pain of anger and confusion as to
why life dealt us the hand of departure,
my memories come again as I remember
moments when my big brother was there

I shall contain fondness in my heart and
remember him, for nothing in this world can take
my memories of the good that we shared as children
from me, love that rids the pain of hell we endured,
my sisterly vision sees him within my mind with love
that remains in my heart for my brother - Bobby
- Rhoda Galgiani
Free Verse Poetry Form has no rhyme, no special line length or no special pattern - It sounds like natural speech, tells a story or paints a picture, uses carefully chosen words to describe experiences or feelings - It is written like a poem and not like a paragraph and must make sense to the reader…rg


Narcissus Flower Blooming
Visual Captivation

Flowers, feverishly flourish,
Budding, blooming beaming
Colorful, creative creations,
Wanting, wanderers wandering to…
 Visually captivate their vibrant victory
- Rhoda Galgiani
Alliteration Poetry Forms are sentences or phrases that contain words that repeat the same beginning consonant sounds - The initial sounds of a word, beginning either with a consonant or a vowel, are repeated in close succession...rg