January 31, 2013

Sweet Dreams Little Kitty...

'Simba' a picture of true contentment! Are you dreaming about those little mousers? Submitted to 'Expressions' by Dena M. Ferrari, NC - 'Simba's' owner is Sarah Moore, Dena's Daughter...rg

January 30, 2013

Moments in Time

Long ago, there stood a moment in time
that we shall all remember knowing
a moment shall come around again

Moments of laughter, of joyous times
with one another as the children played
we all came together - as one

Younger days, growing and longing as
we dreamed of life that shall be laid out
before us - our destiny - our fate

Memories of friends sharing thoughts of
our new homes around us, the planting of
seeds that grew and nurtured our families

Knowing deep in our hearts, we shall
come around again as we passed
through our own moments of time -

we remember those along the way

- Rhoda Galgiani

January 28, 2013

Me! and Maxine...

Gently felt His touch this day
as I busily go on my way
grocery errands quickly to run
outside I feel His warm strong sun

Brightness filling a noonday rhyme
taking one along quickly in time
shopping needs to be swiftly done
caring for oneself - being one

Happiness fills this single heart
He guides my life from the start
need not to worry, fret or frown
never going to let life get down -
on me!

January 26, 2013

Old People Visit Us Also!

Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Kathleen Higgins, LI, NY

January 23, 2013

Height of Total Comfort...

Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Dena M. Ferrari, NC

January 21, 2013

Dr. Shapiro Smiles...

Dedicated to Dr. David Shapiro

Dreams within the darkened night
Brings illusions to the mind
Black figure comes into flight
Confuse and silently blind

Peaceful sleep converts to fear
As one dreams are suddenly woke
Sees an illusion that isn’t clear
Image appears, but has not spoke

 ‘Who are you?’ one calls with a frightful plea
A whisk of the hand vision disappears
Quick as image came it suddenly does flee
Mind becomes clear wipes away sleepy tears

Awhile now images have abruptly appeared
But, the terror they cause tend to decrease
For the illusion is a vision no longer feared
Writing about them, gives one found peace

Rhoda Galgiani, Poet
East Patchogue, NY
January 18, 2013

Author's Note:

This poem is dedicated to my Chiropractor -
I was telling him how I was having illusions, I
believe from my diabetic meds and he said
'that would be a great subject to write about'
so I did! I presented him with a dedicated framed
copy on Monday at his office. See picture!!! rg

January 19, 2013

Little Puppy...

I love you little puppy
I love you, I love you
I do!

You might chew up things
But, you’re an angel
So true!

Sweet little eyes with
Cute little nose a treasure
My love for you shows

I love you little puppy
I love you, I love you
I do!

You guard and protect
Me I feel the love
From you!

- Rhoda Galgiani

Picture Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Loyal Reader and Supporter
Carole Wolfram, UT

January 17, 2013

Cute and funny
but, so real life!!!
Many times Kitties
are fascinated with
the toilet bowl...

Submitted to 'Expressions'
by Caryl Ramsdale, NV

January 9, 2013

The Height of Their Glory!

Chow-Chow Puppies at Feeding Time!!!

Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Huge Animal Lover-
Dena M. Ferrari, NC

A Winter's Sleep

Chill within the night air brings frost
Beauty in sight withers and dies
Winter came again all is lost
Whispering Pines say their goodbyes

Snow crystals form on frozen ground
Protects the seeds as they sleep sound
 Blankets foliage buried below
From winter’s wonderland of snow

- Rhoda Galgiani

Editor's Note:
Rispetto - An Italian form of poetry, is a complete poem of two rhyme quatrains with strict meter - The meter is usually iambic tetrameter with a rhyme scheme of abab ccdd - This is a meter of 8 syllables per line

January 5, 2013

My Son John

Today is a day that
touches my heart
I remember a birth
as you came to me
Although you are gone
from your Mother’s touch
your spirit is always near for
My Son, I do know your heart
I still shed my saddened tears
because you're not here in body
but, these are my own private
moments of grief for a Mother
never accepts in her heart
any reason why her child
has left her side…
I love you, Johnny
Happy Birthday from Mom

Dedicated to my Son
John Thomas Orokos
January 5, 1962 ~ August 12, 1996

- Rhoda Galgiani

January 4, 2013

Has It Stopped Rain'in Yet?

'May you always find shelter from the storm'...

Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Kathleen Higgins, LI, NY

Puppy Dog Thoughts...

Submitted to 'Expressions' by
Elsie Catterson, LI, NY

January 1, 2013


Rhoda, Max and Gracie