February 1, 2010

A Dedication to Sheila Fedoryk ~

The Tree of Life is Saddened on This Day...

Dear Sheila:

I loved you from the moment I met you
beyond the moment I lost you,
friendships run very deep, deeper than
the roots of life that sustain us,
deeper that the bond that contains us
a friendship for so many years,
today I cry saddened tears

My dear friend I don’t believe
you are gone, I know to a better place,
but how selfish am I now as I long for
you not to be in His grace on this day,
I long for you to remain, for you to endure
your place here on earth with me and those
who love your heart, begging you to stay

A moment has passed and you now have gone
I longed to see you for one last time, but my
moment is gone also, for your angel wings
took you too fast for me to catch up with
your flight to His heavenly home, yes, in a
split second you were with Him wrapped in
warmth, free from pain where you belong…

in a heavenly state of peace

Editors Note:

Today, I received news my dear friend
since 1976 has passed on ~ January 31, 2010