February 25, 2010

Ended in the Rain

As her eyes gazed skyward,
the bright sunlight caught her
unexpectedly, causing her to turn
away with a sudden twist of her head.

Turning back again peering deep into the structure
of the clouds drifting by, she let the innocents of her
mind wander, gathering information, filling up with a
dreamy pretend game with her childish vivid curiosity.

Carefully strolling by the fountain’s edge she
again for the third time gazed at the clouded sky,
spanning the vast white structures that float within
her view bringing her visions of wonderment and joy.

She heard a whisper, softly blending within the wind.
Slowly she turns expecting to see a knight on his gallant
steed riding towards her as she waits at the fountain,
too her eyes there appears no knight, no whisper for…

her dreamy pretend game suddenly ended in the rain.

Branches of Steel

Gaining what came so low
Reaches up to an inner glow

By catching branches of steel
That sustains me gifting me real

The purest of pleasures in the sky
Gently tugs at me telling me why

I shouted, I gained wisdom I did seek
See how I grasp its smallest peak?

Ascended to a height of delicate grace
Brings contentment to this forsaken face…

solemn dreams come alive