February 28, 2010

Dusty ~ Remembered

Master Dusty Weiler-Donovan
April 14, 2008

~ You came as a frisky pup,
you left as a dignified old man.
Climbing to the light going where you
may rest in your special place made
for weary canines such as yourself.

Dusty ~ Your loyalty and love can’t
compare to another for you were one
of a kind, gentlest of souls, happiness
and joy always surrounding your golden
halo of love for those who cared for you.

Dusty ~ We laughed at your antics,
the games you played the silliness of you.
Lovingly you cared for each of those in your
life as you desired, always to the fullest -

for you Dusty are love.

You have been gone two years now -
Cheryl and Billy miss you so much, sweet puppy
they will never forget you and your love