February 27, 2010

His Dying Breed

A lonely howl echoes in the night,
as he cries from solitude in the
wilderness a life given to this gentle
wolf as he searches for his mate.

Back woods trails he travels,
weaving within the forest thicket
carefully as a hidden shadow so
not to be seen by the hunter.

Crackles of bush causes him to turn,
his eyes search the dense trees to
make sure he is not discovered,
that he is not the target of a gun.

As evening sun takes its bow and buries
itself behind a massive mountain peak,
the lone wolf again howls as he calls
to her to stand by his wilderness side.

He waits to no avail, again stands
in his shadow of the moonlight as
a single tear drops to the ground,
for he again is alone in the night.

Earthly sounds surround him as his
fear of the night directs him to listen for
human dangers always present to him,
urging him to move on as he seeks shelter -

to protect his dying breed.