June 7, 2009

Proud Moments

The Longest Night

a winter’s solstice
longest night for an instant
seals eternity

First Place Winner
Winter Solstice - Haiku Poetry Contest
January 2009 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Mirror Reflections

Contemplating discredit of my view,
A true representation, unto you.

First Place Winner
The American Doublet Double Take - Poetry Contest
January 2009 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Into the Night

Train whistle blowing
Howls into the night
Shadow covers tracks
Carries a burden
Seen only to them

Crying warm tears
Final moment
Hearing night sounds
Drowns out sorrow

Speed pushing
Train moving
Heart pounding

Too late
Lost soul


First Place Winner
Dramatic Diminished Hexaverse - Poetry Contest
September 17, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com


Hot breath pierced her tenderness within
flame from his penetrating eyes
burning her soul with desire
hungrily taking her
to fire and brimstone
felt by heated
hot bodies

First Place Winner
The No-No Nonet! - Poetry Contest
November 15, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Nature's Clean Up

Wind swirling, blowing
Adjusting laying litter
Pushing trash here, there
Sweeping like a broom-gone wild
Crying for a human’s help

Second Place Winner
Short Verse - Tanka Style Poetry Contest
April 1, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Frozen in Time

Winter winds blow the ice creating sculptures
of statues textured like crystal that attached itself to
an object that nature selected for its foundation.

As the sun peers through the iced creation a
rainbow with a million hues collect in every
crevice creating a sculpture within itself.

Adorn with love from the winds of fury the
creation continues to gather adding layers
upon layers of creativity for the eyes to see.

Frozen in time the ice marks its birth,
a vision born that is beyond human description for
simple words are not enough to describe its beauty.

Nature continues to create her wonders for all to see,
allowing each to put the captured vision into their memory
vaults to marvel again at a later date in time, for ice sculptures...

are silent mysteries known only to Mother Nature.

Second Place Winner
Nature - Poetry Contest
June 12, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Season of Change

amber autumn sky
brisk chill cools the evening sun
blueprint for winter

Third Place Winner
Haiku Style - Poetry Contest
November 6, 2007 ~ PoetrySoup.com

Tongue of Deceit

Tell me no lies for I tell you truth.
Look into my eyes and acknowledge
what you do not want to hear.
Your reality is slapping you in your face,
you do not want a reality check or truth.
You want to play games and continue on
with these childish antics between two adults.

I am a woman who has needs and desires.
You shall not destroy the progress I have made
by my struggle, for you are not worthy of me.
You have revealed to me the lies on your breath,
the mistrust I have obtained towards you is true,
my truth of truths is shielding me from harm.
I turn away so your scars will not cling to my soul.

Run I shall, far from the split tongue of an evil man.
Wind whirling through my hair as a cleansing ritual
making me pure again, to love again, to be me again.
No mortal is worth the stripping of the life so treasured
by the one who breaths it, no man has the right to burn
my heart, my life, my dreams, my needs or my desires…

away with you and your tongue of deceit.

Fifth Place Winner
Any Theme for October - Poetry Contest
October 20, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com

How Many Loaves?

They said, seven loaves of bread
Multitudes sat down
Broken bread set before thee
Small fish blessed by Him
They ate and was filled
Four thousand

Fifth Place Winner
Religious Epulaeryu Style - Poetry Contest
April 1, 2008 ~ PoetrySoup.com