June 5, 2009

I am The Mother Cat ~

Baby Gracie and Rhoda
at the Computer...

The blush of the morning dawn captures my sleepy eyes waking to another day. Slowly I turn
untangling myself from the twisted sheets to see six eyes staring at this groggy face still sleepy from the night before.

My three furry kitties, who are my family now, Missy, Max and Mai Ling are looking at me adoringly to see if I am going to get up or turn over to snooze again. I turn and they walk to the other side of my still sleepy body knowing I will say, “Ok, let’s get up”.

Slowly I crawl out of bed, searching for my slippers that they have hidden from me during play time. I then wander to the kitchen making the same statement each and every morning, “Ok, let me make my coffee, first!” All three sit and patiently wait to see what I will do.

I give in again, mix their food lovingly and serve my kitties. They eat until they are full, walking away licking their chops and have a sense of peace amongst the three of them. Missy looks at Max and Mai Ling with a purr in her voice, stating, “She’s a good Mom, isn’t she, our Mother Cat!"

*Authors Note:

I have no pictures in my digital camera of Missy 12, only photographs. I will take a hard copy and put it on disk so she may be included with the group. Missy died 12/05/07 suddenly from an undetected lung tumor. She was Max's sister