June 4, 2009

Feline Foster Mom ~

Gracie came five months ago a mere babe from the neighboring woods, her mother left her to me alone and scared, for she knew I would do all that I could.

Mai Ling a two years old once a stray herself, watched closely keeping this kitten in line, doing her mother’s chores from head to toe giving lessons so kitten will grow up strong and fine.

Amazing how animals care for the young as she lets this babe feed first at the bowl, dinner is done the foster mom cleans up no telltale’s signs of food that’s her goal.

Mai Ling has never been a mom herself, but she adopted this kitten just like me, as my sweet little two year old feline became lovingly smitten...with Gracie

Photo Caption - "A Relative You Say?"

*Author's Note:

Photo published in the Harvest of the New Millemium, India ~ January 2009 © Rhoda Galgiani