June 2, 2009

Suburban Sun ~

Light cometh -
displaying flaming fire images
a raw rural suburban sun
penetrating a chilled quivering body
slowly burning into thy waiting heart
branding deeply from its solar heat

Promising destruction -
coming swiftly to take thy beauty
as its persistent burning gases
appears as a tongue of light consumes
drying paints of a unknown artist as he
creates a canvas that intensifies emotion

Longing coolness -
dungeons of an inner core take charge
commanding sun rays to nourish the beauty
sculpturing a normal state of summer’s glow
she feels his brush painting thy face
as the artist strokes her inner beauty

Gracefully blending -
threads of woven silk combine the sun’s glow
as oils purify the mortal’s emotional nature
creating a cleansing ritual preparing renewed
arrangement for the event of blissfully heated
sensation as the artist strolls beside her…

entering into the hot August night