February 26, 2014


A Women Scorn

 The heart has turned away hiding inside
Conceals the pure love that once did glow
Afraid to reveal pain the heart does show
Broken with slashes deep trying to hide
Body mends the mind closed the gap so wide
Love has taken the soul far below
Buries the guilt so his hand cannot sow
Heart crying deep tears as true love has died

 Soul has learned not to trust anymore
Steals ones mind and thoughts not to restore
His lying lips she’s now a woman scorn
Emotions wasted on visions now torn
Walks alone to regain life as was born
Brings hope to a women who is lovelorn
- Rhoda Galgiani

The Sonnet Form of Poetry consisting of an octave with the rhyme pattern abbaabba
followed by six lines with a rhyme pattern of cdecde or cdcdcd...rg

February 23, 2014

Nagauta Lyric...

Sweetly Speaking

 A light is shining
Glowing from my heart like gold
      Glimmers through ripples
      Of a cool shimmering brook
Hearing secret thoughts untold

 Sweetly speaking words
To those torn apart I say
      Voice of painful scars
      With a hopeless dying breath
Pray now for a brand new way

 Autumn shows her hues
Carries souls to rainbow heights
      Let my golden light
      Guide them up and far away
Sleeping somber gentle nights

 - Rhoda Galgiani 
Nagauta Lyriac Form of Poetry is a Japanese form of indeterminate length
that alternates lines of five and seven syllables and ends with an additional
seven-syllable line…rg

February 20, 2014


Old Man Winter
Alliteration Style
 Eating enjoyable editable
BBQ brazing beef
Corn cobs congenial
Summer sensations simmering
Deserts delicious delectable
Longing lasting leisurely laziness
Soon season slips silently silent
As winter’s weary weather
Comes carrying cantankerous calling card
- Rhoda Galgiani
Alliteration Form of Poetry is a poem that repeats the same letter at the beginning of two or more words immediately succeeding each other, or at short intervals; as in the following lines: - Behemoth, biggest born of earth, upheaved His vastness - Fly o'er waste fens and windy fields...rg

February 16, 2014

Free Verse...

Our Destiny

Golden hues cast their
spell over the setting sun.
Another day has passed.
Warmth leaves the soul as the
evening breeze swirls swiftly by.

Longing to dream just a bit longer
taking in the treasures of today
casually drifting into the awaited peace
that is coming, peace that will soothe
the body and soul for another day.

Visions of today clutter the mind
bringing pleasure to the lips.
Memories have developed from
today carefully being filed along
with others of days gone by.

The heart is full with the
life that is taken for granted.
Dare do we question the events
of the daily routine that is before us?
It is said, how dare we...

for our destiny
has already been chosen.

- Rhoda Galgiani
Free Verse Poetry Form has no rhyme, no special line length or no special pattern
It sounds like natural speech - It tells a story or paints a picture - It uses carefully chosen words to describe experiences or feelings - It is written like a poem and not like a paragraph
It must make sense to the reader…rg

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from Karen O'Leary...


Valentine Reflection
Love is not endless
euphoria and passion.
Its intertwined
harmony climbs steep
hardships with balance
and exalts in others'
triumphs with true joy.
Love absorbs peace
and endures with faith.
- Karen O'Leary
Karen O'Leary is the Editor of Whispers...a poetry website that will delight all
who take a moment to visit...whispersinthewind333.blogspot.com

February 9, 2014

'Expressions' Feature ~ Carolyn Devonshire...

Disposable Wisdom

Each day Annie Lesley opened a can
Her eighty-six-year-old hands trembling
As she sat with her cat and ate pet food
What is wrong with this elder’s rendering?
Pride swallowed to remain independent
Large, sunken eyes peered from her weathered face
Her late spouse a decorated hero
Annie's lifestyle a national disgrace

More enlightened cultures all over the world
Have revered their seniors throughout history
Asians and Native Americans
Are just two who honor their ancestry
Polynesians, other Pacific tribes
Respect the wisdom that comes with age
Seniors are welcome in family homes
But here in the states they’re placed in a cage
Bone-thin Annie Lesley chose to be free
Amazing neighbors with her endurance
When social services tried to intervene
She fought with remarkable resilience
Old photos on walls told many great tales
But only purring Tibby was listening
Each morning she rose to care for her cat
Until the day that Tibby went missing
In tears she claimed he must have been poisoned
Though in cat years he was older than she
Each day she sat by the window, staring
Awaiting the homecoming of Tibby
She’d been abandoned by society
Lost in the world’s most “progressive” nation
For sacrificing her spouse in World War II
Annie received little compensation
This widowed war bride never had children
Her mate had met his fate in Normandy
Posthumous awards she dusted each day
Annie’s life was defined by loyalty
To a man and a cat who never came home
And the vigil she kept by her porch
Ended quietly one warm summer night
When an angel came to take Annie home
With a can of cat food in hand when found
Annie had nothing else to eat in her house
This is the way a veteran’s wife died
And tear stains had blemished her faded blouse
Although seniors’ wisdom is heeded
In societies that grow from history
Too many like Annie lead lonely lives
Wisdom untapped, they die in poverty
- Carolyn Devonshire
A Note from Carolyn Devonshire - Annie's cat took a shine to me and I quickly became her friend. Just wish I had known she was starving. There were times when I was going out of town for a while and would bring fresh milk, eggs and bread to her. I should have done this more often, but I was in my 20s then and was very active socially. This is not an excuse, so I will live with the memory of a woman who might have lived longer had I been more observant of her needs.
Editor's Note: 'Expressions' proudly features a poetess with flair.
This story written by Carolyn Devonshire is many times so true here in America.
As people age, they have no one. They turn to their pets for companionship,
someone to share their life with, something to share a warmth. Sad as it
may be, the truth is told in Carolyn's words. Carolyn has been chosen
as January Poet of the Month at: 'Whispers...' Karen O'Leary, Editor whispersinthewind333.blogspot.com  ...rg

February 6, 2014

Duo Rhyme...

Confusion’s Pain
The mind swirls with own confusion,
Image viewed is an allusion,
  Colors on shadowed walls are stained,
  As if one was captured and chained,
  Screams enter the mind it is drained,
  Entrance to the soul was not gained,
  Sounds escaped from weary chest pained,
  For strength was not taught or was trained,
Will shall aid body’s conclusion,
Confusion’s pain needs transfusion.

- Rhoda Galgiani

Duo-Rhyme Poetry Form - Created by Mary L. Ports
a 10 or 12-line poem with the first two and last two
lines having the same rhyme scheme - the center of
the poem (lines #3 through #8 or #10) has their own
separate Monorhyme scheme - this is indented two
spaces from left when printing, form is left justified
Punctuation is used - Meter: 8 beats per line, written
in iambic tetrameter (4 linear feet of iambic)
Rhyme Scheme: 10-line: a,a,b,b,b,b,b,b,a,a
12-line: a,a,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,a,a - Posted poetry
is the 10 line example…rg


February 3, 2014

Free Verse...

Tongue of Deceit
Tell me no lies for I tell you truth.
Look into my eyes and acknowledge
what you do not want to hear.
Your reality is slapping you in your face,
you do not want a reality check or truth.
You want to play games and continue on
with these childish antics between two adults.
I am a woman who has needs and desires.
You shall not destroy the progress I have made
by my struggle, for you are not worthy of me.
You have revealed to me the lies on your breath,
the mistrust I have obtained towards you is true,
my truth of truths is shielding me from harm.
I turn away so your scars will not cling to my soul.
Run I shall, far from the split tongue of an evil man.
Wind whirling through my hair as a cleansing ritual
making me pure again, to love again, to be me again.
No mortal is worth the stripping of the life so treasured
by the one who breaths it, no man has the right to burn
my heart, my life, my dreams, my needs or my desires… 
 away with you and your tongue of deceit.
- Rhoda Galgiani
Free Verse Poetry Form has no rhyme, no special line length or no special pattern
It sounds like natural speech - It tells a story or paints a picture - It uses carefully chosen words to describe experiences or feelings - It is written like a poem and not like a paragraph
It must make sense to the reader…rg