February 23, 2014

Nagauta Lyric...

Sweetly Speaking

 A light is shining
Glowing from my heart like gold
      Glimmers through ripples
      Of a cool shimmering brook
Hearing secret thoughts untold

 Sweetly speaking words
To those torn apart I say
      Voice of painful scars
      With a hopeless dying breath
Pray now for a brand new way

 Autumn shows her hues
Carries souls to rainbow heights
      Let my golden light
      Guide them up and far away
Sleeping somber gentle nights

 - Rhoda Galgiani 
Nagauta Lyriac Form of Poetry is a Japanese form of indeterminate length
that alternates lines of five and seven syllables and ends with an additional
seven-syllable line…rg


Maurice Reynolds said...

Very nice poem, Rhoda. You make me realize how much I need to really make some time to concentrate on writing poetry. I really appreciate your gift of words and expressions. -MJ

Rhoda Galgiani said...

Thank you Maurice for your visit - I try to write something on a daily basis and then of course there is always my files to rely on. I appreciate your comment in regards to my 'gift of words' - that is quite a compliment. My heart thanks you...rg

Charlene McCutcheon said...

This was really an artistic endeavor. I loved it! I guess since you write every day that is the reason you are so talented. Practice makes perfect. Wouldn't it be interesting if a babbling brook could actually tell us stories? Loved the metaphor
Love Charlene

Rhoda Galgiani said...

Hi Charlene - I had a typo. The last line was suppose to read Sleeping. Thanks for the read and for being such a lady and not mentioning my error!!! LOL...rg

Charlene McCutcheon said...

Would you believe I didn't think it was an error. I thought I was just not understanding what you meant. :D You are right though, had I noticed it was an error, I would have ignored it, simply because everything else is perfect. :) Love, Charlene

Karen O'Leary said...

What an uplifting ending Rhoda! Wonderful use of imagery. You are so talented my friend. Congratulations on passing the 40,000 view mark! Wishing you ongoing success.


Rhoda Galgiani said...

Thank you Charlene - a lady indeed...rg

Rhoda Galgiani said...

Thank you Karen for the cong5rats. It will be five years 'Expressions' came to be come June. Your support is alway a joy to me...rg