February 6, 2014

Duo Rhyme...

Confusion’s Pain
The mind swirls with own confusion,
Image viewed is an allusion,
  Colors on shadowed walls are stained,
  As if one was captured and chained,
  Screams enter the mind it is drained,
  Entrance to the soul was not gained,
  Sounds escaped from weary chest pained,
  For strength was not taught or was trained,
Will shall aid body’s conclusion,
Confusion’s pain needs transfusion.

- Rhoda Galgiani

Duo-Rhyme Poetry Form - Created by Mary L. Ports
a 10 or 12-line poem with the first two and last two
lines having the same rhyme scheme - the center of
the poem (lines #3 through #8 or #10) has their own
separate Monorhyme scheme - this is indented two
spaces from left when printing, form is left justified
Punctuation is used - Meter: 8 beats per line, written
in iambic tetrameter (4 linear feet of iambic)
Rhyme Scheme: 10-line: a,a,b,b,b,b,b,b,a,a
12-line: a,a,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,a,a - Posted poetry
is the 10 line example…rg