November 9, 2013


Dedicated to the People of the Philippines

Nature on Her Prowl

Whistling of the violence storm
Threatened the habitats ashore
Beats the earth is the Typhoons norm
Washing away every man’s floor

Warnings can’t help the native’s soul
Nature brutally makes her point
Destruction again takes its toll
Breaks human knees at their thin joint

Knees on the ground cry’in to Him
As the wild winds rips and tears
People pray forgiveness of sin
Floods raid broke houses and life’s wares

Typhoon’s power brings fear today
Hiding can’t save them from the howl
All they can do again - is pray
Nature destructs while on her prowl

- Rhoda Galgiani

Serventesio Poetry Form - syllabic, usually written in 8 syllable lines
Stanzaic written in any number of quatrains - Serventesio rhyme abab is used
Popular Castillian stanzas since the 16th century - Apparently experimentation
with the form by Ezra Pound brought about a resurgence in popularity in the
20th century - Spanish Poetry form...rg