November 2, 2013

Quatrain by Letter

'Linen Cloth'
Linens I Wear

  Lifting ones spirit to a new level
Lights the way to rejoicing path of love
Leads one to Him and not to the Devil
Listen gentle signs from a small white dove

Leading the way to freedom of the soul
Lends glorious hand as He lifts you high
Lets angels catch you if you don’t meet goal
Lies no longer exist eyes will not cry

Lord will show you the way from dreadful sin
Lifelong graces will now fill your lost soul
Live peaceful joy for you are now with Him
Love is there now lift up out of black coal

Long to ascend to His heavenly home
Lost no more for the path has been lighten
Life now eternal the soul shall not roam
Linens I wear are forever whiten 

- Rhoda Galgiani

Quatrain by Letter - Created by Erick J. Goller 7/29/2011
No syllable counting - Take any letter from the Alphabet
and begin each line with that letter - Three stanzas minimum
Any subject - These Quatrains are unmetered
Rhyming abab, cdcd, efef, ghgh, etc...rg