July 24, 2013

Thank you ~ Christina R. Jussaume...

Prayer for Rhoda’s Family

I extend my condolences to you all
I know your Mother’s love helped you to stand tall
I pray your Mother’s soul will ascend above
I believe she will look down with all her great love

Reflect on your memories to ease your pain
With each loving moment you will start to gain
Cherish the laughter you all had together
Remember the family times in harsh weather

Your love will remain enveloped in your heart
Comfort is felt from memories from day’s start
Like a candle that never goes out you’ll feel
The love of a Mother can be surreal!

Be thankful for each of the precious times had
Jot them down in memory bank and be glad!
Comfort I try to bring to you as I write
Remember the good times throughout day and night

By Christina R. Jussaume
In Memory of Jan L. Balmain
April 9, 1920 - July 21, 2013
Editors Note:
Christina R. Jussaume is the Stylist Group Teacher at Alliance Poetry Website
She has taught me so much about poetry form and style. She is a gentle soul
who is spiritually uplifted and dedicated to our Lord. My heart thanks her...rg