August 1, 2013


Was In Plain Sight
I asked and I received my Lord’s blessings and touch
Heard my voice call to Him in prayer and such
Faith helps me with my woes so much
Lost was I before I knew Him
My life was empty dark cold and so grim
He came to me as angels sang glorious hymn
I received my Lord’s touch; I received my Lord’s touch!
Love came to me at the turn of a barren bend
Through Him our spirits now would bond and blend
He sent dove wings so I would mend
Gave me trust and love from His heart
As child no mention of Him from the start
Finding Him fulfills my soul’s empty and lost cart
Turn of a barren bend; turn of a barren bend!
I talk to my Lord as if He was in plain sight
Regular prayer sometimes into the night
He hears me telling Him my plight
Reassures life will be on track
Tells me not to hide or take a look back
He takes my hand to a path never will it be black
My Lord was in plain sight; my Lord was in plain sight!
- Rhoda Galgiani

Enlightenment Poetry Form - Created by Christina R. Jussaume
Seven-line stanza with syllable counts as follows 12, 10, 8, 8, 10, 12
and 6 repeat - The last line of each stanza is a six-syllable phrase
that comes from the first line of each stanza. It must have a semicolon
between each set and exclamation point at the end of statement - If you
cannot use words in first line write a 6 syllable phrase and repeat that
Minimum 3 stanzas - Rhyme scheme is a, a, a, b, b, b, x...rg