July 22, 2013

A Prayer for Rhoda by Michael L. Schuh

My heart is heavy with sorrow after hearing you lost your beloved Mother today.
I am sure you love her and will always miss her in every way.
The lord call on her to be with him in heaven above.
She is still and always will be surrounded by love.
Just think Rhoda, how thrilled she had to be to look on His face.
I know that you believe she is now in a much better place.
Sure you are in pain over her leaving you
She are you had no choice it was God's wants to do.
He gives us all life and He decides when that life is to be taken away.
None of us that He made in His image are here on earth to stay.
She was here to do what God intended her to do.
Part of that task was to give birth to you.
She had to be a loving, kind,very good Mother and wife.
Her and you Father planted the seed that gave you life.
That seed had become a good strong woman and a fantastic poet.
Being a poet like you only one has to be read and people will know it.
Poets are messengers of God, chosen to spread goodness and love through words from the start.
Your Mother gave birth to you and cherished you from the start.
I hope in some way this write helps ease your grief.
Just hold on too your belief.
I pray that your family and your Mother's friend find comfort in a short while.
Please dry your tears of sorrow and try to smile.
This many not be the best of prayer.
But, it does come for a friend who really cares

Editor's Note:
This lovely supportive poetry was posted on Alliance Poetry Website
by a lovely gentle man and poet. My heart thanks you Michael...rg