July 22, 2013

A Child’s Lost 
Child should remember Mother’s sweet sung song
warm arms that cradle the sad tears away
joyful moments between the two last long
Mother and child bonds it was meant that way
Lost memories of childhood - Mother’s sin
couldn’t show love from her judgmental heart
child cheated in life as what should have been
pain comes to ones mind from the very start
Love from one’s heart takes a moment to live
when felt for their child from deep within
love was there for my Mother to give
she closed her heart - this sad child could not win
- Rhoda Galgiani
In Memory of My Mother -
Jan L. Balmain
April 9, 1920 ~ July 21, 2013

During this difficult time, inspite of my Mother's selfish and cold demenor to me -
I will always honor my Mother as God Commandants has instructed me to do...rg