December 23, 2009

A Bio of Gracie...


Because Gracie has Asthma, she can't be spayed. Max is 13 yrs and is nutered. When she swishes her tail, he looks at her like she is nuts, then turns over and goes back to sleep!

There was a naughty girl
and a naughty girl was she,
for she is always getting
into trouble
as she
wiggled around
her boyfriend
as he

She swings her hips
and flings her tail
she rubs his cheek
and sometimes gives
a sweet little wail
as nature
took its
for it changed
her into a
sly little worm

She purrs and whimpers
and drives him wild
she plays with him
as if he were a child
this feline
her urge…

For you see
nature came
to her
it is your
time to

Fifth Place Winner
Christmas Parlour Poetry Contest
December 22, 2009 ~