May 19, 2016

We'ze De X Smokers!

Ed - He'ze de bad boy!!!
Upon standing on our lawn
here at the senior complex
chatting just as we always do
the subject of smoking came up!

My neighbor Richie suggested
that I post something funny
about the subject- I said yeah,
but, that isn’t easy to do!

When I moved here I met Kathy
and I was smoking at the time
she said, I can’t be friends with you
Rhoda because you are a smoker!

I found out that she was upset with
her boyfriend Ed because of his smoking
- he would quit and then start up again
no matter how loud she yelled at him!

The complex sent out a letter that there
is no more smoking in the apts., but to
no avail the smokers are still clinging
to their butts thinking no one notices!

Well, it is what it is - my neighbor smokes
and my closet is so full of smoke and
tobacco stains that I have to spray the
closet daily to get rid of the smoke smell!

Let’s make this long story short, I am happy
I quit in 2001 - but took it up for a few months
when I moved here in 2003 - Kathy and I are
friends - me quitting (again) was a good thing!

- Rhoda Galgiani