May 27, 2016

A Heart's Uncertainty

When is it my time?
I have read words in
saddened poetry crying,
when will I find the love
that shall come to thee
willingly, longing to unite.

When is it my time?
To be held, to be comforted
when the daily toils overcome thee,
my time to feel a burning love again,
to join together our hands not for
stability, but for a bond.

When is it my time?
To gaze into eyes that show the
love without a single word spoken,
a look of love that succumbs us two,
the sensational sensuous feeling that
comes over their entire bodies that yearn.

And, when is it my time?
Not to worry for another moment,
of events that is a heavy burden to
thy mind of one that harbors the fear of
this journey in a devastating world that
threatens the existence of thy heart…

that is apart from thou arms.

- Rhoda Galgiani