November 14, 2016

The Light of Truth

During a time when faith was swallowed
by the forces of a dismal withdrawal from life,
thy solitary mind could not expand or fight
a reality of what was before thy body lost

Beaten down by confusion, by a confinement
of the thought process, longing to be within
oneself, the desire to dwell among a peaceful
existence that was sadly drawn away

Striving to achieve the wellness of a spirit,
the soul continues to survive the hindering
black weight put upon the body that must
carry a burden heavy to the bewildered mind

Praying to break the chain that confines the will
of thy captured being of beings, the grace of
one shall over come the blackened hold that
entwined the arms that reach out to the world -

as the light of truth shall overcome

- Rhoda Galgiani