November 22, 2016

Sunlit Dreams

A Dream Catcher at Sunset

Morning sunshine peeks through her window
brings brightness and warmth to her
sleepy body as she stirs waking from
a delightful dream of yesteryear.

With a heart filled with happiness,
from memories of past love, coiled with
excitement and adventure, she yearns to drift again
to a place where memories are treasured with delight.

She grasps the moment that reflects on a younger
image, with youthful appearance, vibrant,
outgoing, carefree existence of one who laughed
with joy which consumes every moment of her life.

Capturing the warmth of the sunlight,
spreading her arms to welcome the new day,
she peers out the window to view the wonders
before her, grateful for a chance to continue…

to breathe in her world of sunlit dreams.

- Rhoda Galgiani