December 14, 2015

Merry Christmas from Rhoda...

Hero is He…

C hrist was born on this blessed day

H ero is He for showing us our way 

R everent are those who love Him so

 I rrevocable are smiles that glimmer like snow   

S ins are washed away in a gentle stream

T emptations are halted by the loveless it seems 

M asses gather displaying unified faith for they care

A ligned side by side they kneel in spiritual prayer

S inging their praises of love and glory that they share

L ife is forever for those who are faithful and receive

O fferings held high from those who don’t deceive

V isions of our heavenly Father triumphantly appear

E verlasting love reins, His promise to us forever held dear

Merry Christmas from,
Rhoda Galgiani