December 11, 2015

Merry Christmas from Gracie...

        Gracie's Favorite Spot - Mommy's Printer

 Mommy's Says Easy Gracie...Easy!!!

Dear Poetry Buddies:

When my Mom found me, I was three weeks old - that was in 2008! My Mother was a Feral Cat and had three of us Kittens, but she had no milk to feed us. There was my Sister, Brother and me. Someone found my Brother and Rhoda found me. My Mother and Sister were captured by the ASPCA and all I can do is pray for them.

If Rhoda hadn’t found me, I would have died. I have Asthma and she gives me my medicine every day if I have an attack. The very first attack I had I was seven months old and it was at night time. She and her neighbor rushed me to the emergency vet’s hospital about 20 minutes away. Well, to make a kitty story short, the Doc’s treated me and the bill was $672.00. My Mom whipped out her credit card and saved me. Her neighbors thought she was crazy for paying that much for a Feral Cat who was so young, like it wasn’t as if she had me for a long time. My Mom told them, ‘what did you want me to do, kill her?’ There is no way that my Mom would have let that happen to any animal. And so, she paid for my care on her credit card and was happy she had the card to save me.

So, here I am right this very minute on top of my Kitty Blankie on top of her printer as she is typing this for you all to read. When I was a tyke, she would put me up here to keep an eye on me and I love it. This is my special spot – and when Rhoda prints, I jiggle all over as the printer prints out! I am so blessed that I have a wonderful home here with Max and Mommy. And, you know what? If Mommy had to do it, all over again she would - because she loves me, she loves all animals and she had a heart of gold. Rhoda named me Gracie because I am Gray with four white tipped paws and a little white on my tummy and a white bib under my chin. I know you have seen my picture because she brags about me all the time. But most of all she named me Gracie because, I was saved by the Grace of God…

Love from,
Gracie Galgiani

PS: I am so happy my Mom Rhoda writes poetry, because she is pretty darn good at it!!! LOL