October 24, 2015

Bonded in Spirit ~ Dedicated to Robert E. Galgiani

SPIRIT BOND - by Marcia Baldwin from Western Art by M Baldwin

Memories come in a moments flash
at times one’s thoughts even might clash
Happy times fill one’s rhythmic rhyme
long ago comes to enchant the mind

Time flies so fast these days
thoughts and time lost in a grey haze
So much learning has been gained
from the young years one was trained

Sadness fills the eyes that are blue
when one think of the years lost to you
Wishes come for me to see you again
must wait til our meeting comes when

So grateful my memories remain strong
happy times I shall live happy long
Blessed that you touched my heart
true love you gave from the very start

A childhood of love and growth
bonded in spirit are we both -

my Dad
May 22, 1911 ~ May 26, 1990

- Rhoda Galgiani