October 23, 2015

A Cowboy's Daughter

At the young age of twelve I rode the
barbed wire fences with my cowboy father,
who taught me to wear leather chaps for
I was his little girl, a cowboy’s daughter.

During a scorching summer’s drought or
during a rainy season the fences needed repair,
for the cattle would see their escape and run
through the open fence without despair.

The ranch hot and dry with lingering dangers
around the front porch as rattlers would hide,
Our faithful cattle dog Judy would bark seeking
them out keeping us safe from their striking side.

Our horses Blue and Boy excitedly jumped
and whinnied as they saw our pickup arrive,
knowing we would give them alfalfa and oats,
my Father loved his mounts with a cowboy’s pride.

I shot a 30-30 rifle with precision taught from a man
who made his own bullets, collecting guns for many years,
I was taught to walk beside him wearing my cowboy hat
as long as my hair was tucked behind my girlish ears.

He shot year round to feed his family fresh meat and
stopped at the grape and melon fields giving us such joy,
He was a frontiersman born in a century of modern times
but, his mind set was that of a rugged bronco busting cowboy.

Then I grew up having a family of my own with
no cattle ranch or guns to shoot nor horses for me to ride,
my life took another turn away from the ranch that I loved
and now have only a memory I carry with cowgirl pride.

- Rhoda Galgiani