November 29, 2014


Lord Help Man
Greed is the damage -
replenish now the past
with rich fertile action
make man aware - rebuild
our Lord’s healing way

- Rhoda Galgiani

November 23, 2014

Dedicated to Dena
Dena Says I Can’t…
I hear Dena’s Challenge a calling
this is hard, but I am up and trying -
Have a creative mind I shan’t be bawling
can’t ask Dena why, cause I can’t be prying

 Writers never think letters and such
they just grab their eager pens and write -
I have a thinking cap I wear and clutch
I’ll accept this challenge - It bet’tr be right
Already at third verse, I’m ready and set
haven’t used that little letter Dena says I can’t -
Hey, this is great - I’m thinking I can’t fret
still haven’t used that silly letter yet - I shan’t

My write is at end - I'll visit the website 'Alliance'
all use’se guys can see I am truly sublime -
It is finished and I am happy smile’in a big grin
Dena my pal, giv’in me an A+ cause I did rhyme
- Rhoda Galgiani
Author's Note:
The Challenge is: Can't use the letter that is between N and P in the Alphabet!!! rg

November 20, 2014

Love’s Ribbon

Loving heart has no bound
for it loves you each day
its true moments are there
for love will never stray

 Loving heart always say
come to me feel my love
with me, there is no fear
a love will help you bare

Loving heart brings a dove
full of flutter and hope
spreads to the saddest world
happiness and good cheer

 Loving heart helps us cope
turn the black world around
bring joy to all our way
love binds like ribbon curled

- Rhoda Galgiani

November 16, 2014

'Dedicated to Rick'

Words Shared
Takes Meaning
Life has a funny way of opening
 her arms when you least expect it
As one walks on their daily path
they find the path has a new curve

The curve seems gentle and kind
as a social moment comes to view
It’s like a new adventure as one
explores the new connection

Friendships surface when least expected
This huge world now become small as
minds join and laughter becomes one
a comment or two becomes a memory

One who values a friend wears a warm heart
words shared between two takes meaning
Over time, the friendship will grow making
the world a bit nicer than she already was

- Rhoda Galgiani

November 12, 2014


Purity Inhaled

Take a breath
breathe air into the
dry lung that is alive
Consume wholeness
purity inhaled feels the
wellness coming to thrive
Look, see the beauty as
shadows dissipate the ugly rule
light shows one ways to arrive
Again, time conquers ones woes
His hand covers thee gently
teaching one how to survive
 - Rhoda Galgiani

November 7, 2014

Sowing Faith

Friends reach out
when you're in need
sowing faith is
the planted seed -
to one’s crying soul

- Rhoda Galgiani

Author's Note:
Dedicated to my new aquaintance 'Rick'...rg


November 1, 2014

Memory’s Book

Misty dawn’s light touches the windowsill
awakes the sleepy silent Whippoorwill
calls his heart to sing an early morn song
chants to others, he sings - come along
Take the road that leads to a peaceful walk
stroll together, we remember and talk
special events in our life come and go
nothing to change, happy with what we sow
All that crossed our life’s path was pure delight
as it was intended, life was just right
memories tucked away in the mind’s book
there for one to savor and take a look
The pages worn and torn by fingers touch
looks back fills the heart with love and such
- Rhoda Galgiani