November 20, 2014

Love’s Ribbon

Loving heart has no bound
for it loves you each day
its true moments are there
for love will never stray

 Loving heart always say
come to me feel my love
with me, there is no fear
a love will help you bare

Loving heart brings a dove
full of flutter and hope
spreads to the saddest world
happiness and good cheer

 Loving heart helps us cope
turn the black world around
bring joy to all our way
love binds like ribbon curled

- Rhoda Galgiani


Karen O'Leary said...

What a lovely poem, Rhoda. It is a joy to read your words today. Thank you for sharing them.


Charlene McCutcheon said...

I LOVE your poem. Like Karen says, it is a joy to read your words today. I will bind them to my heart.
Love, Charlene

Rhoda Galgiani said...

Thank you Karen and Charlene for your loving comments. My heart thanks you...rg

Maurice Reynolds said...

Thank you for sharing "Love's Ribbon," Rhoda. I enjoyed reading and meditating upon it. Continued blessings! -MJ