November 23, 2014

Dedicated to Dena
Dena Says I Can’t…
I hear Dena’s Challenge a calling
this is hard, but I am up and trying -
Have a creative mind I shan’t be bawling
can’t ask Dena why, cause I can’t be prying

 Writers never think letters and such
they just grab their eager pens and write -
I have a thinking cap I wear and clutch
I’ll accept this challenge - It bet’tr be right
Already at third verse, I’m ready and set
haven’t used that little letter Dena says I can’t -
Hey, this is great - I’m thinking I can’t fret
still haven’t used that silly letter yet - I shan’t

My write is at end - I'll visit the website 'Alliance'
all use’se guys can see I am truly sublime -
It is finished and I am happy smile’in a big grin
Dena my pal, giv’in me an A+ cause I did rhyme
- Rhoda Galgiani
Author's Note:
The Challenge is: Can't use the letter that is between N and P in the Alphabet!!! rg