September 21, 2014

 Season’s Cycles

 Summer has left us
Autumn is soon to come
Winter is snowy cuss
Spring takes forever for some
Each season excitement brews
Some like warmth of sun
Our season we can choose
Others what cold has done
Swimming is now gone
Leaves fall from branches bare
Snow is cold beauty yawns
Buds prepare for their grand flair
Birds return awaited nests
Seasons all anew
They will wait for their guests
Beauty came for me and you
- Rhoda Galgiani


Maurice Reynolds said...

Hi Rhoda. I enjoyed "Season's Cycles" very much. Although I am not looking forward to autumn leaving, I know it eventually must give way to winter. Thank you for sharing the season's cycles in such a robust and transforming way. Continued blessings! -MJ

Karen O'Leary said...

Nice use of imagery to share your thoughts Rhoda. It's getting colder here in North Dakota. Not ready for another winter but spring always comes again. Keep on writing and sharing your words my friend.