April 15, 2014

Free Verse...

Miniature Red Rose Bush
Produced Roses Each Day for Six Years

Miniature Love
Spring - you came to me
a budding miniature rose bush
with a deep red hue that holds
dew drops between her petals
 Summer - you came to me
your natural radiant beauty that
showered me with delicate buds
bringing me happiness for days
 Autumn - you came to me
to my surprise coming one last time
a single miniature rose bud for me
to entwine with grateful joy
 Winter - you came to me
snow to put you to sleep resting safely
until the following Spring and then you
will peek again through the soil -
 Bringing me happiness from your
structure of miniature love
  - Rhoda Galgiani

Free Verse Poetry Form has no rhyme, no special line length or no special pattern - It sounds like natural speech - It tells a story or paints a picture - It uses carefully chosen words to describe experiences or feelings - It is written like a poem and not like a paragraph - It must make sense to the reader…rg