March 30, 2014


There is beauty in allowing yourself
to be open to the pain of tears...
- Author Unknown

Heart is full
of emotions

words of woe
from another
crying tears
lost is her sight
her world is dark - heart is full

tears that stream
mind confused
her shivers crawl
slowly creep
one of cold form
eyes are still from - emotions

Words of woe
she shifts her thought
her flow of tears
dries her stains
regains the strength
shuts out devil - words of woe

thought becomes real
weakness fads
decisions made
tears now dry
spirit will soar
heart is full for - another

- Rhoda Galgiani

Whitnelle Poetry Form - Created January 22, 2014 by Janet Vick - A combination of a Whitney form in syllable counts of 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 7 and the Lilibonelle form where repeating lines are used to begin each verse 4 verse minimum - When using line 2 and line 4, they need to be shortened by a syllable count to 3 - You may change the wording, but not the words, if needed - The first line of each verse ends the last line of each verse -The first line of the first verse is included in the last line of the poem as well -The title of the poem is the theme of the verses and appears in each verse...rg


Maurice Reynolds said...

I enjoyed this style poem. You are very talented in various poetic forms, Rhoda. I also like the quote from the unknown author. I wrote a poem about "Tears" and how, like this poem points out, they are expressions of emotions. Great work, Rhoda. Thanks for sharing and continued blessings! -MJ

Rhoda Galgiani said...

Thank you Maurice for your endepth comment. These poetry forms come from the Alliance Poetry website I belong to. I thought it would be interesting to list how these poetry forms are created for people who might have an interest...rg

Karen O'Leary said...

Dear Rhoda,

The emotion flows through your words in this poem. I think most can identify with sad times like this in their lives. Keep on writing and sharing your poetry my friend. As always, the art work enhances the beauty of your site.


Rhoda Galgiani said...

Thank you Karen for the delightful comment. Yes, I love searching for pictures to go with my poetry. This Rose seemed appropriate and fit well with the raindrops representing tears...rg

S. Stefanowich said...

Hi Rhoda,

I really enjoyed the depth of your poem describing the ups and downs of ones life something all can relate to, very well done. I also loved the photo of the rose and the quote these went very well with your words.

Sandra Stefanowich

Rhoda Galgiani said...

Thank you Sandra - this was a difficult poetry form for me to grasp - but with the instructor Tina's help, I finally finished my poem. I take joy in finding a picture to complete my words also - thanks again...rg

Charlene McCutcheon said...

I always did love happy endings. A well written and poignant poem. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us who come here to be uplifted and blessed by your pen.
Love, Charlene

Rhoda Galgiani said...

Dear Charlene - I wish I had more of a following, but maybe I do - maybe they just don't leave a comment. I know my stats show many views per month, so I really shouldn't want anymore! I hope I inspire, I hope one who reads me will feel hope, I hope the love I feel for mankind touches all who comes to 'Expressions'. Maybe I don't need to hope at all - just have the faith My Father is taking care of all of this for me...Hugs to you my friend...rg